One Woman Army

When Aaryn Gries (left) and Ginamarie Zimmerman (right) exchange words, who do you root for?  Who CAN you root for?!?
When Aaryn Gries (left) and Ginamarie Zimmerman (right) exchange words, who do you root for? Who CAN you root for?!?

So on the 53rd day of action in season fifteen, things got interesting. Even Elissa Slater admitted late last night that they may have put people in the house that are crazy to make her look good, which is something this blog figured out quite early in the season.

The strife in the house comes from one source: Jessie Kowalski, who had her best day in the house this season even though reigning Head Of Household and Power Of Veto holder Andy Herren chose not to use the veto, a first for this bizarro season. Yes, even better than last Thursday when she stayed in the “lighting round” eviction cycle that claimed Judd Daugherty.

As the late poker player Amir Vahedi famously said, “In order to live, you must be willing to die.” Jessie, with nothing to lose, is playing exactly that kind of game. She rattled the cages of three key pieces to this season’s puzzle: Helen Kim, Elissa Slater, and Aaryn Gries. She had Miss Gries so rattled that she had a lengthy argument with her in-game confidant, Ginamarie Zimmerman that prompted a house meeting where the two continued their harangue in front of most of the house when each would be better served to have done so in private.

Jessie also got Elissa so rattled that Slater was even contemplating quitting the game if Jessie continued to verbally harass her.

These next few days which seemed to be a bore snore affair may actually have some excitement to it. It’s like a football team trailing, needing a touchdown to win without possession of the ball. The other side is so cocky that they’re throwing passes even though a few kneels of the ball run the clock out. Jessie has pulled off one miracle already, she may yet pull off another unless cooler heads prevail.


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