Prepare For Combat

Aaryn always seems to be unhappy when she wins HOH, doesn't she?
Aaryn always seems to be unhappy when she wins HOH, doesn’t she?

As the 52nd Day of season fifteen dawns, Andy Herren became the third contestant to take Head Of Household and Power of Veto in the same week (Aaryn Gries did the feat in the same day, unprecedented in show history) and will likely kept nominees Jessie Kowalski and Spencer Clawson right where they are. Jessie looks the favorite at this point to be the third houseguest heading to the jury for a possible return, but keep in mind this is where we were a few days back, with Judd Daugherty going home and not Jessie.

I felt that Andy had a golden opportunity to make a big game move, but like most of the other houseguests this season he seems content to play it safe. In this game, safety is death. Not making a move only assures that the next move will be a bigger one when it comes.

This game is like a NASCAR race. You have two dominant cars lapping the field “driven” by Amanda Zuckerman and Helen Kim. They are not teammates, but their goals inside the house have the same purpose. So they maneuver inside the house, laying down strategy, evading the other “cars” in the house, lapping the field.

Sooner or later, the “coopitition” (as race car driver Darrell Waltrip puts it often) is going to be a competition. Zuckerman and Kim will draw swords against each other, and my gut feeling tells me whoever gets the fatal blow in on the other is going to win the season. But there’s also a good chance if Amanda takes Helen out, McCrae Olson could be a beneficiary if Amanda’s mouth isn’t kept in check during her execution to rid the house of Helen. I give that a 50-50 chance.

It should be a quiet week. It all depends on whether or not Andy stays strong with Amanda and Helen peppering him to rearrange the pecking order, or whether or not he stays strong and steadfast.


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