Nine Shades Of Grey

It was Round 2 between Ginamarie and Candice last night in the first of two live evictions, except this one was live on the air.
It was Round 2 between Ginamarie and Candice last night in the first of two live evictions, except this catfight was live on CBS for all of the viewing public to see.

Double evictions are usually a show stopper, but last night’s events were the most explosive seen on such a live show to date in series history.

Candice Stewart and the outgoing HOH Ginamarie Zimmerman again had words when Candice began her “why you shouldn’t vote me out” speech. Ginamarie’s interjection was nearly unprecedented in show history, no doubt leaving viewers wondering why Julie Chen didn’t immediately intervene and allow Candice uninterrupted time to speak. It did not end there. as Candice was voted out unanimously, and the two again exchanged words as Stewart departed, ending with a brutal parting shot by Zimmerman.

“At least my mother loves me, unlike yours.” Ginamarie told Candice to conclude their interactions, for now. It was a reference to Candice being an adopted child, reuniting with her birth mother on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show a couple of years ago.

I have opinions about these houseguests, and I try to leave it as such and not make attacks of my own. But what GM did was a low blow, possibly slanderous. She’s quick to pick up on Candice’s flaws, but not so quick to pick up on what is wrong with her own self. What a scumbag move!

The houseguests were also told that a juror may re-enter the game and get a second chance at winning. Not a big fan of this move when it took place in April during BB Canada, not a big fan of it now. I don’t think it’s fair for a houseguest to get two cracks at winning when everyone else gets one shot at it. But when have the producers ever listened to the fans?

Speaking of changes, the MVP twist that had some fans thinking was rigged has been discontinued. But note that host Julie Chen didn’t tell the group that “America” was MVP the last three eviction cycles. It would play a major role in who was evicted next as Aaryn won Head Of Household a third time and then Power of Veto to consolidate power, changing her original nominations from a Jessie Kowlaski and Spencer Clawson pairing to a pairing of Clawson and Judd Daugherty.

J-U-double D was G-O-N-single E after a unanimous vote that left the house in complete shock, with several cast members in tears as the live show concluded if not shortly afterwards. It was a total shock to many, but a ballsy move by Helen Kim to influence Aaryn to backdoor him on the renomination. We might not like how Amanda Zuckerman and Helen Kim have formed this “brunette cartel” that runs the game, but give them credit for playing when the others sit back and do diddly squat. Zuckerman and Kim as house captains are each flawed souls, so the big race as the season winds down will be whether or not they ever get caught in their deception.

Andy Herren started eviction cycle number eight by capturing the Head of Household crown for a first time, leaving him with an interesting set of decisions. Herren has basically been a one-man information network, exchanging information from one side of the house to the other while keeping his own hands clean. Now he can no longer do that. So does Andy play it safe and nominate a pair of floaters, or does he use the opportunity to attack either the Helen Kim axis or Amanda’s? Or, does he split the difference and put Helen and Amanda up together?

Only time will tell. Take a deep breath, for we may need that breath in the weeks left. I’m just wondering who the heck I should root for.


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