The Bursted Bubble

The clown doll that belongs to Aaryn Gries, which always seems to show up when she wins HOH.
The clown doll that belongs to Aaryn Gries, which always seems to show up when she wins HOH.

It is the evening of Day 48, and the biggest news of this day is that, to the surprise of most, we have already passed what I call the jury bubble. Beginning with the two eliminations tomorrow during Double Eviction night, the next nine eliminated will constitute the jury as to who will win the game in September.

What I find odd about all of this is that CBS didn’t inform the public of the rule change until TODAY. It’s perfectly reasonable to not tell the houseguests about this, but the audience shouldn’t be that far out of the loop. But this is a show in recent seasons that asks questions that effect the outcome of the game by giving misleading information, so I guess keeping information from us is the next logical development.

Spencer Clawson’s recent “joke” about pleasuring himself to kiddie porn has made news on TMZ. It turns out that the police in Conway, Arkansas investigated the matter, finding nothing, and it was Clawson’s employers at Union Pacific that did the alerting.

Then there is Amanda Zuckerman’s racially driven comments making the Associated Press. Remember, this is the woman that confronted Aaryn Gries on her racism earlier in the season. And it turns out Zuckerman herself has a mind that wanders into ugly places.

As Amanda might say, the proof is this being one of the uglier seasons in show history is in the pudding. Season four winner Jun Song has boycotted covering of the season on August 6th, asking in that entry what the f*** has happened to the show.

Good question, Jun. And it is a question I have no answer to. I remember a time when I would watch the show and actually learn strategy and other things in and about the game of life. Jack Owens, the ex-FBI agent, was one of the more interesting houseguests in show history if you ask me. It’s proof you don’t have to go into the gutter to get interesting people on the show. Over the years, it seems to be a lesson show producers have forgotten all about.

I think I owe it to all of you to continue to cover the show until its ending in September. I would also like to cover season two of Big Brother Canada in 2014, lord willing and if the creek doesn’t rise. The sixteenth season of Big Brother here in the US may or may not be a different matter, depending on what changes take place between seasons fifteen and sixteen.


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