Egg On My Face

Sometimes in life, you make a judgement call, and your judgement winds up being wrong. I had one of those moments tonight, and I believe I made a mistake interpreting a statement Amanda Zuckerman had made at about 4:26pm BBT today, August 3rd.

In the cockpit room talking to McCrae Olson and Aaryn Gries, it seemed at first that Amanda had called Candice Stewart, a black woman, a monkey. In light of some other things Amanda had said in the house, it seemed a totally logical development.

I listened to the comment myself closely on the flashback stream of the live feeds. It had certainly sounded to me that Zuckerman had said the word monkey, and I said as such on Twitter and on Facebook.

Then others chimed in, saying that Amanda had slurred her words, and that she had ended on sentence with the word “block” and began another with “He” in reference to Spencer Clawson. At first, I scoffed at that notion. But when I put together my own clip, it began to dawn on me that the latter explanation was indeed correct. Amanda didn’t use the word “monkey” after all. Had she done so, the house would have gone into yet another tizzy, and that didn’t happen.

So I apologize for my error, and will try to do better from here on out. For those of you who criticize me for coming to a snap conclusion, as I said, it sounded like a logical development at the time, thus the matter wasn’t as “cut and dry” as these situations usually are.

It has been an unusual season, which has put bloggers, fans, friends and family of houseguests all in unusual positions.  Everyone keep calm and carry on.


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