He Said, She Said

Against the odds of a month ago, Amanda Zuckerman has become public enemy number one in the house, surpassing even Aaryn Gries.
Against the odds of a month ago, Amanda Zuckerman has become public enemy number one in the house among some live feed and social media followers, surpassing even Aaryn Gries.

So we’re now up to the 43rd Day in this debacle that has been the American version of Big Brother’s fifteenth season. Howard Overby was the fifth evicted from the house by a 7-1-0 tally (Candice Stewart, Howard’s showmance partner, was the only dissenting tally, cast by Spencer Clawson), and after a briefer than expected Head of Household competition, it was Ginamarie Zimmerman walking away with the honors to commence the sixth eviction cycle,

The highlight (although I submit it was a low light) of the week was the allegations of sexual harassment made by Amanda Zuckerman against the now departed Howard. According to Amanda, Howard whispered in her ear that he wanted to “f*** the s*** out of her” when he got out of the house. Amanda didn’t appear to be offended by the remark at first, but started ranting and raving a few minutes later. What was said between the two cannot be independently verified, since it wasn’t shown or recorded by the live feeds. Without that kind of information being made clear to the feedsters, what was said and what wasn’t may forever be a mystery, so no use attempting to answer a question that cannot be answered here.

Increasingly disturbing as the season progresses is the fixation by producers, host Julie Chen, and her husband Les Moonves of the racism perpetrated by Aaryn Gries and, to a much lesser degree, that of Ginamarie Zimmerman. Chen and Moonves have often stated that they are “appalled” by the comments, which strikes me as disingenuous, especially in the case of Mr. Moonves, since he has the ultimate authority over all programming at the network.

Conversely, there has been no real focus of the comments made by Amanda over the first six weeks of the house by the show. Lucky for us, the hard work of a You Tube user “pronkoforder1” benefits us by putting together a “highlight reel” of the comments Amanda has made in the house.

So now the houseguests re-circle their wagons, preparing for they think will be one eviction next Thursday when in fact there will be two evictions that night. Double evictions are usually chock full of excitement, and hopefully things will be no different on August 8th. It doesn’t appear that the house will flip against Amanda anytime soon at this juncture, as she has consolidated her power in the house by engaging in verbal spats with Candice and a lengthy alcohol-driven tirade against Jessie Kowalski.

If the house doesn’t get rid of Amanda soon, her road to the $500,000 may get much clearer.


2 thoughts on “He Said, She Said

  1. This entire amanda situation is mind torturing. i catch myself arguing with the screen and hoping the hgs would get a clue. it is not fun this year. it is all game talk with such viciousness that the game is no longer the core of the show. very sad. i have watched from day one when the hgs were fresh with knowledge and were not even sure how to be conniving. this is one year that it just is not fun. games are suppose to be fun. if demanda wins there is going to be the harsh belief my favorite summer show is a huge setup and i will feel like a lost a friend because i will not watch another season…………

    1. I think a lot of people feel exactly the same way. There is an ugliness to this season that hasn’t been seen in any other season, including BB6.

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