A Believable Fiction

Believe it or not, Aaryn Gries won her second HOH last night. She and McCrae Olson have won two competitions each now, leading the pack.
Believe it or not, Aaryn Gries won her second HOH last night. She and McCrae Olson have won two competitions each now, leading the pack.

Call it a real contest, call it stagecraft, but the Big Brother summer experience is seldom boring.

The big story this week was not the actions of any houseguest, but the singular post of one Hailey Jones, which is an admitted psuedonym of some kind. Does the post have some validity to it? Absolutely it does, so let’s look at the post point by point.

About Elissa Slater being a distraction that will work in favor for Amanda Zuckerman winning: quite possible, but the game-slash-story-line has numerous opportunities to be proven untrue. I think the season start out with that idea in mind, but I think the story line morphed into a Elissa versus Aaryn Gries rivalry to enhance the smoke screen. Note how the TV show has focused in on Aaryn’s racist remarks and has aired Ginamarie’s similar comments to a slighter degree, but they have not focused in on everyone else’s loose lips.

With Aaryn winning Head of Household in the fifth such cycle, it sets up an interesting chapter in the season. With Elissa likely on the block regardless of whether or not Aaryn puts her there, Aaryn may have the chance to deliver the death blow to Mrs. Slater’s chance, or show her morality is improving by working with her, directly or otherwise. It seems that the ratings of the show would thrive if the Gries/Slater rivalry was prolonged as long as possible.

As a side note, look how many of the houseguests this year have openly admitted on the feeds that they take Xanax or Adderall, and how they continue to get these supplies while competing. It is often theorized that those who take drugs can be controlled to some degree. And with the houseguests continually getting these supplies gives producers the possible option to cut off supplies if the contestants refuse to cooperate.

And speaking of that, also notice how the early houseguests who have departed have either spoken of their refusal to cooperate with the Diary Room narrative (most notably Nick Uhas) or have openly said that Elissa Slater is getting coaching or saying that the competitions are rigged for her to win. Jeremy McGuire and Kaitlin Barnaby have been the most verbal about these theories, and now they are no longer in the game.

Of course, Jeremy’s wiping of Elissa’s hat on his ass may have had something to do with that, too.

Getting back to Hailey Jones’s Facebook post, she alleges that Amanda Zuckerman is in collusion with executive producer Allison Grodner, and that the two have a friendship. Worth noting is that Amanda was on another CBS show back in 2008 called Big Shot Live. This makes Amanda the first contestant in Big Brother history having originally appeared on another reality show, as opposed to many Big Brother alums who have appeared elsewhere since their days in the house.

But does that necessarily mean they are stacking the deck for her? If Amanda is evicted, we will know that this is false, and that Hailey’s post was merely an attempt at being a provocateur to get us “smart marks” thinking about other conspiracies.


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