The Unsinkable Elissa Slater

Elissa Slater gets dolled up like she's on the MTV show Jersey Shore.
Elissa Slater gets dolled up like she’s on the MTV show Jersey Shore.

If you need any further evidence that Big Brother 15 has devolved into the Elissa Slater show, the past couple of days on the live feeds should wipe away any doubt. And I am not saying that it is a good thing or a bad thing; I’m just stating what the facts are.

There was a twist deployed this week after Jeremy McGuire became the third houseguest sent packing on the 28th day of the season. The MVP was not somebody in the house, but the audience itself. Our mission: to vote for the third nominee at’s website. It was the first time the audience had this major of a show decision since the first season in 2000, when the houseguests were evicted by a public vote as is still done in the Big Brother seasons outside of North America.

At the same time, it should be noted that if you read the fine print of these votes, can disqualify and void any votes they so choose, so essentially THEY are picking the third nominee and using our names to do it.

I thought there were a couple of problems with this off the bat: for one thing, it takes strategy and coordination out of the hands of the Head of Household, won this week by the very popular Judd Daughtery, because the HOH would not know who the MVP is, nor would anyone else. If Judd wanted to target someone out the door, it takes backdooring (waiting to put the target nominee up until the Power of Veto ceremony, assuring the target faces a house vote) out of play.

Secondly and most relevantly, one of the nominees Judd choose and whomever the audience picked could be the same person. Under the rules provided (unlike previous twists of late, the producers weren’t as vague as they usually are), whoever the next highest houseguest was in the veto tally would be nominated. Should the nominee picked by the audience win Power Of Veto, the next highest houseguest after that is the replacement nominee.  Had the contest been done after nomination, it would have produced a much better outcome.

Obviously, everyone wanted Aaryn Gries, the Texas State student and model who said some racially charged things in the house since “moving” in, on the block and out the door. As fate would have it, Judd wants her on the block as well. With the feeds blocked exactly as the MVP vote ends at 9pm, Judd nominates Aaryn and Kaitlin Barnaby as the first two nominees. Hours later, the house is getting antsy to find out who the MVP is, and so is Elissa. After a trip to the Diary Room, Elissa gets the brainstorm that since she’s not the MVP, perhaps America is the MVP. Later in the night, Elissa tells Howard Overby that she’s been nominated.

Too many coincidences, in my view, for this all to be just one coincidence.

Saturday arrives, and Elissa is saying all kinds of crazy things to Judd Daugherty, the one guy in the house who has the power to do something about it. Her strange behavior has Judd thinking perhaps Elissa should be nominated at the veto meeting on Monday. There’s a slight problem with this; it is revealed to the house shortly afterward her weird behavior that Elissa’s the third nominee. The social media outlets go in a tizzy, and the house is in shock. Elissa starts crying (even though she apparently knew LAST NIGHT this was happening), and the house comforts her like she’s ten years old.

Fast forward to the Power of Veto contest later in the day. The HOH and the three nominees are joined in battle by two randomly drawn contestants: McCrae Olson and Helen Kim, Elissa’s closest confidant in the house.

Want to take a guess as to who wins POV? That’s right, America’s nominee, Elissa.

There are allegations of rigging in the house from Aaryn Gries that the contest was designed for Elissa to win later Saturday night, and some of the other houseguests chime in that they too saw some weird things in the competition. So Elissa will veto herself on Monday, and the replacement nominee will remain a mystery until then. The house seems to be united at this point to remove Aaryn (The Spawn Of Satan) from the house, unless the replacement nominee provides an opportunity to deviate from that plan.

Could be a wild next few days, or a totally boring stretch, but yesterday was one strange odyssey.


2 thoughts on “The Unsinkable Elissa Slater

  1. Big Brother 15 racism continues…

    Around 9:56pm BBT Sat. 7/20
    Amanda says to McCrea about Candice “she just doesn’t want her big black dick to go home” Amanda as racist as Aaryn & Ginamarie yet CBS has portrayed her as the great white defender.
    A few hours later around 1:33 am BBT on Sun. 7/21
    Amanda & Spencer were making more racial comments about Helen comparing her to Kim Jung Un

  2. Elissa,
    I was really a fan and thought you were beautiful, even though I despised the rude, obnoxious, despicable, mean spirtited way your sister played. When I saw you, and your seemingly sweet disposition, I thought, wow, what a difference. She is really nice compared to the evil conniving nasty Rachel.
    But alas, the varnish wore off and your true colors shone through like a faded rainbow, Your comments to Amanda about her onepiece were rude and insensitive. Your act of kindness paled and the similarities to your sister came through with all the brilliant splender of an wickied troll.
    Who are you to judge others, with your bizarre imobile lips and excessive makeup?
    Does that comment make you feel good? I personally would say that to anyone who was not mean first. What if people cannot afford a more stylish suit? What if they have personal reasons for wearing it?
    If you were a true christian you would not have said those things. Alas, the ugliness of a person lies not in the beauty that can be seen, (as your vanity pictures show here), but in the spirit of words spoken from the heart of evil.

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