The Victim Card

Jessie Kowalski smokes a cigarette early on Day 26, July 16, 2013.
Jessie Kowalski smokes a cigarette early on Day 26, July 16, 2013.

CBS once again took to a public relations offensive with the airing of the eighth episode of Big Brother and the airing of The Talk the following day, the subject matter being the ongoing racism of one Aaryn Gries.

As many of you live feed watchers know, there’s only one problem with that: Aaryn is not the sole person in the house these past 26 days engaging in racism or misogyny. The fact that they misrepresent the facts so grossly should be an indicator that the show and the network are being deceptive with us, the viewers.

You have Spencer Clawson making creepy comments about Jessie Kowalski to confidant Judd Daughtery, wondering if Kowalski’s womanhood tastes like butterscotch.

Then there’s Ginamarie Zimmerman, probably one of the more mentally unstable houseguests in show history, challenging Candice Stewart in a verbal altercation last Thursday to, paraphrasing slightly, get her black out.

But yet they want us to believe that Aaryn’s the only bad apple in the house. Get real with your reality, CBS.

They would rather run a disclaimer to permit Aaryn’s behavior then get rid of her for racially charged bullying. What does that tell you? And to be clear, I do not like Miss Gries and her behavior in the house, but it only tells part of the story here. The people who put her in the house to begin with now react as if they have been victimized. They create the problem, they react to it, and they will make us wait for the eventual situation where the problem is solved, whether it happens now, in September when the show ends, or somewhere in between.

In the tinderbox of racial relations that exists a few days after the trial of George Zimmerman, who may or may not have used self defense in killing Trayvon Martin in an Orlando suburb last year, CBS has to be extremely careful not to become pimps of racial division, even if it is to gain publicity and ratings.

Max Bialystock of The Producers wouldn’t even approve of that.


2 thoughts on “The Victim Card

  1. Did you attended the Zimmerman trial? If not leave your uneducated comments to yourself. He has been found innocent there is no speculation anymore.

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