The Slow March

If you go to the live feeds, you now get this disclaimer.
If you go to the live feeds, you now get this disclaimer.

I don’t know about you, my fellow blog viewers, but watching the BB15 house is aging me. Hours seem to go by like days, days go by like weeks, weeks go by like months. With this group, you never know who is going to say what, and what will wind up on TMZ.

House dynamics and house cliques seem to change by the day. If you think it’s impossible for person X to dislike person Y, wait a few hours and it winds up happening. Maybe the three nominee/MVP rules are to blame for this. Or maybe it’s a very unpredictable group.

The most recent developments are these: Helen Kim, the third Head of Household of the season, nominated Aaryn Gries and Kaitlin Barnaby for eviction. To the surprise of only a select few, Elissa Slater won her third straight MVP, giving her the right to name a nominee of her own, choosing Spencer Clawson. So, in the three HOH reigns so far, ten of the sixteen houseguests have now been on the block at least once, including eight of the fourteen remaining.

On Saturday, Kaitlin won the Power of Veto competition, which sets up an interesting problem for her. If she uses the POV on herself, which seems the most logical play, her showmance friend Jeremy McGuire will likely be backdoored and voted out as things stand now. If she doesn’t use the veto, she probably wouldn’t be the target of the next eviction vote, Aaryn would be. Would she be smart enough to recognize this, or will she choose the obvious route of self-preservation?

There was a controversial moment on Friday night, as Helen Kim pretty much admitted on the feeds on two separate occasions that the production team of the show didn’t want Howard Overby, the former Southern Miss football player, on the block. That brought out the age-old argument on social media outlets about whether or not the show is manipulated behind the scenes, or how much.

Dingo over at Hamsterwatch points out that during season eight back in 2007, they had a similar station as to the present racism and homophobia controversy, but on a much smaller scale. Amber Siyavus spouted controversial views about those of the Jewish faith during the course of the season “Evel” Dick Donato won.  At a point after this became a much smaller scandal that the present one, Eric Stein was at risk of being evicted, and Eric was a Jewish houseguest. It also was one of those weeks were a dramatic voting turnaround took place, and instead of Eric going down, Kail Harbick wound up going home. In the present situation, you have two African-American houseguests and a very racist one in Aaryn. Does the show have a vested interest in assuring Aaryn goes home before Howard or Candice Stewart does?

It should also be noted that Eric was also America’s player during the course of the season, and was ordered not to use the Power pf Veto at one stage that kept the Donatos from simultaneously being on the block and would have prevented them from each finishing in the top two during that particular season.

Not even past houseguests have a total consensus or agreement as to the legitimacy of the contest, which I have always found interesting. It seems that those evicted early are more inclined to believe that production interferes often, while those who finish high or win their respective seasons seem to think highly of the production team. Think of that what you will.

As for me, I’m pretty sure the truth is somewhere between those two extremes. And the search for that truth continues here.


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