Fight Night

I hadn’t planned on doing a commentary today, but the ugly incidents of last night gave me other plans.

Aaryn Gries and her gang of thugs were baiting some of the women in the house who voted against Nick Uhas last night. First, Jeremy McGuire and Kaitlin Barnaby hogged the bed Jessie Kowalski was in as an effort to make her feel uncomfortable for her vote. Then Aaryn started to race-bait Candice Stewart after Aaryn had flipped over Candice’s bed several minutes prior.

Howard Overby came into the room, and you could see in that clip that he was barely holding his composure together. Ginamarie Zimmerman entered the conversation, and she and Candice exchanged words. Zimmerman quickly got up in Candice’s face and challenged Stewart to do something about the situation.

“Whatcha gonna say?” Ginamarie kept asking Candice.

Ginamarie Zimmerman challenges Candice Stewart to fight her... July 11, 2013.
Ginamarie Zimmerman challenges Candice Stewart to fight her… July 11, 2013.

Howard picked up Candice and carried her out of the room they were all in, with Stewart never losing eye contact with Zimmerman as she departed.

“Oh my God, I just wanted to smack her right there.” Kaitlin Barnaby said as Candice exited.

I’ve been watching this show a long time, and I’ve never seen an incident that ugly in the house as that one. Yes, even more disgusting than what Shannon did in BB2 and what Jeremy did with Elissa Slater’s hat just a week or so ago. And I must admit, it’s one of the rare times an incident on a TV show has made me angry to watch it, and it actually me feel ashamed to be white.

This was in your face racism, disgusting and uncalled for. Aaryn and her mini Aryan Nation showed a total lack of class, and quite frankly, NOW they should be disciplined for what they’ve done, more than ever. And NOT just Aaryn, the others as well. They are a national disgrace!

Will the show or will CBS do anything about it? Probably not. After all, it is good ratings. Prove me wrong, gang.


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