M.C. Hammered

Even Julie Chen couldn't hide her happiness that Helen Kim won the third HOH competition.
Even Julie Chen couldn’t hide her happiness that Helen Kim won the third HOH competition.

The one saving grace Big Brother has is how quickly things can change in a couple of days, and how quickly things can change in an hour.

When I last blogged a couple of days ago, it certainly looked to this viewer that Elissa Slater was going home. But what was it I said I when I reviewed the houseguests on June 22nd? Watch for Elissa to get help from production. A nudge if you will.

Did it happen? Likely. Do I care? Hell no! It’s not like Aaryn Gries and Jeremy McGuire are great Americans that don’t deserve the scorn for what they do and what they have done in the house.

Elissa seemed to have at least 10 votes to evict, if not all of the votes, as Wednesday began. But faster than you can say 12 Angry Men, the house totally flipped to where Nick Uhas was sent packing by a 7-4 count, with Helen getting votes. The vote hit Ginamarie Zimmerman very hard, alternating between heavy sobs and a catatonic state as the first two hours beyond the live show have progressed. The vote pretty much razes the “Moving Company” alliances, a fact consolidated further when Helen Kim won a close Head of Household competition…fair and square, I might add.

It should be noted that on a conversation captured on the live feeds and the sites that cover the show that Nick and Ginamarie spoke late one night about how the Diary Room tried to get the two to say things, and each refused. Did the house “flip” to send Ginamarie and the “triangle” alliance a message to play ball? Maybe.

I did find it a little weird that Amanda Zuckerman (who I’d voted for MVP this week) went up to the HOH room to confront Aaryn over her racism a couple of days ago. Aaryn basically responded that she was not a racist, but everyone else was. Whatever, Aaryn. I’m openly rooting for you to be the next one out the door come next week, if not sooner.

Jeremy McGuire, Kaitlin Barnaby, Aaryn and Ginamarie will go on whining about how unfair the game is now that they are no longer call the shots. They have made some allegations that the game is not fair, rigged towards Elissa, and the like. But when you sign the dotted line to play the game, I think that forfeits their right to complain. And had they read the contract (and assuming it wasn’t changed in the past couple of years) with any degree of thoroughness, there is no guarantee the game has to be fair.

Get over yourselves. Seriously.


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