The Great White Whale

Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire are poolside on July 4th.
Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire are poolside on July 4th.

Finally, I get to do a blog about what’s going on IN the house and not the furor going on outside of the house.

Although it should be pointed out that another houseguest is now under fire for his racist comments, and such comments are not going away anytime soon to this day. And again, I cannot take the controversy seriously until a sponsor withdraws their advertising from the TV shows, but should that happen, the series may begin to take on water.

Funny how we watch a reality show, yet when people get real, we all are up in arms.

Aaryn Gries and her HOH reign was allowed to stand. BB14 winner Ian Terry gave an interesting explanation of Twitter about the contest Wednesday night worth mentioning here. He explained that before competitions, the houseguests get the rules in much greater detail, whereas on the live show host Julie Chen may not have the time to explain the rules clearly. Thanks, Ian. And as to my complaints on Friday about the contest, to quote the late Gilda Radner: never mind. Let’s move on, shall we?

As the 16th day winds down to a close, the universe that is the fifteenth season of Big Brother still revolves around Elissa Slater. Slater is not only once again the MVP holder, she has been nominated a second time in as many weeks. And as time is moving along, the odds of Slater’s ouster from the house seem to be improving. She nominated Jeremy McGuire, he who wiped Elissa’s hat in his ass a few days ago, but McGuire turned around and won the Power Of Veto competition today. Under the new MVP rules, if the MVP’s nominee is taken down, the MVP and not the HOH holder names the replacement nominee in secret.

So now, Slater has to make a critical decision as to who to replace McGuire with. The most likely play would be to replace McGuire with his in-house gal pal Kaitlin Barnaby. If Slater makes that play, she may get by yet again this week. But unless she gets some firm allies quickly or wins HOH in week three, her days are numbered, MVP powers or no.

With the “brat pack” of McGuire, Barnaby, and Gries with Ginamarie Zimmerman and perhaps the floundering sexpot Jessie Kowalski in tow, their sole mission at this point is to end the stay of Elissa Slater. It’s gotten to the point that, much like the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick, it has become their great white while. What the “brat pack” fail to realize that who they nominated was a moot point with Elissa holding the MVP. But in my opinion, Slater can’t keep getting nominated forever and continue to have hope of surviving.

How the game will go from here on out, who knows.


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