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Jeremy McGuire takes a hat belonging to Elissa Slater and wipes his ass with it.  Great group, huh?  (He says, sarcastically.)
Jeremy McGuire takes a hat belonging to Elissa Slater and wipes his ass with it. Great group, huh? (He says, sarcastically.)

Today, we find out whether David Girton, Elissa Slater, or Jessie Kowalski is the first to be evicted on season fifteen. However, events have been going on in a rapid pace that are worth commenting on.

Last night, we had some chicanery in the house similar to Shannon Dragoo using Hardy Hill’s toothbrush on the house toilet back in season two. Contestant Jeremy McGuire took the hat of Elissa Slater and placed it on his posterior and made a wiping motion. Later, McGuire apologized to Slater as the producers requested, but the incident continues to prove my theory that Elissa is the center of the BB15 universe and events always seem to happen to make her look more of a sympathetic character. I’m not saying the McGuire ass-wiping incident was staged, I’m saying the show was cast with a certain “cut of personalities” to make her look better than she normally would.

I would have liked to have seen McGuire disqualified for his actions last night, but they didn’t disqualify Shannon for what she did. The producers made Dragoo give Hardy restitution for her actions by giving him a replacement electric toothbrush, and I always like it when the show follows its own historical consistency.

Meanwhile, Aaryn Gries is in for some well deserved grief whe she returns to the real world, as a modeling agency she works for has fired her. CBS denounced her statements and the statements of others, but continues to employ all of those in the house making these comments. And the comments being made in the house that are racist and homophobic are still being made as of last night on the live feeds.

Since CBS continues to toe the long standing line that they cannot control the commentary of the houseguests, as they did when Jeff Schroeder said similar things on season thirteen, CBS is betting that the controversy goes away with time. While the comments are being covered in the entertainment realm by outlets such as TMZ and National Public Radio, this reporter sadly believes the controversy goes away unless sponsors start leaving the show. This is what happened over in the UK when the late Jade Goody showed her lack of class a few years ago. Unless “Aryan” Aaryn or another houseguest leaves saying “white power” over and over while making Nazi salutes as they leave, the show should (unfortunately) endure the criticism.

I would personally see a rule put into play for BB16 and beyond where houseguests should be warned, then removed from the show for making such disgusting remarks. Over in the UK this season, Jemima Slade was warned for her comments in the house regarding her dating habits with black men. Can we agree that the US houseguests have said much worse?

Finally, it should also be noted that the CBS schedule will be going back to a Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday schedule beginning on July 7. Ratings for the show have been down a bit in comparison to last year, and perhaps the new schedule and the earlier start of the season accounts for this.  If the ratings continue to slide, then its another sign that the viewing public has more complaints for the show than praise.

Maybe one of these days, I can get back to talking about events in the house revolving around less uglier things.


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