Rebel Without A Clue

BB15 houseguest Aaryn Gries has quickly become one of the most hated contestants in show history.
BB15 houseguest Aaryn Gries has quickly become one of the most hated contestants in show history.

It’s been a while since the show has had a mainstream controversy such as this, although it seems a far ways away from the racist controversy a few years ago on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK or the “turkey slap” on Australia’s version of the show one season.  But the racist and homophobic comments of Aaryn Gries, among others, have gained attention in the entertainment world, with Perez Hilton being the latest to cover the incident this morning.

Petitions are being passed around to remove Aaryn Gries from the show, like that is ever going to happen. My problem with doing that is, besides CBS’s reluctance to do anything, is that Aaryn is not the only one in that house making these kind of comments. It wouldn’t be fair to remove just Aaryn and not move Ginamarie Zimmerman, Jeremy McGuire, Spencer Clawson, and Kaitlin Barnaby for doing the exact same thing. They would have to either keep those five or remove them all to satisfy me. Quick, which is easier to do?

But the controversy did one thing: it took the bullseye off of Rachel’s sister, Elissa Slater.

What we have here is the reality TV version of a weak prizefighter being made to look good. In boxing, if you have a fighter of questionable skill, you arrange fights with weaker fighters in an effort to make the weak prizefighter look strong. There is little doubt in my mind, watching the feeds, that Elissa isn’t the greatest houseguest ever to grace the show. Granted, it is not a house full of weak competitors, but we’ve never had this many loose screws in a season before.

Is Aaryn the worst houseguest in Big Brother history? Too early to say for me. She’d have to do something rather extreme to get into the league of Justin Sebik, Scott Weintraub, Chima Simone, and some others. But I would be totally shocked if Aaryn stayed in the house beyond the 10th of July, by hook or by crook.


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