The House Always Wins

So since I last blogged, Spencer Clawson and Howard Overby become the nominees of the fifth HOH cycle as selected by current and former queen of the house, Aaryn Gries. Yesterday, Amanda Zuckerman joined the block being secretly selected by the audience. Then Spencer won veto privileges by winning the weekly Power of Veto competition, […]

A Believable Fiction

Call it a real contest, call it stagecraft, but the Big Brother summer experience is seldom boring. The big story this week was not the actions of any houseguest, but the singular post of one Hailey Jones, which is an admitted psuedonym of some kind. Does the post have some validity to it? Absolutely it […]

A Prophecy From Within?

The only thing I would say is to challenge Ms./Mrs. Jones to present all of her information sooner rather than later.  Could it all be a ruse? Yes, it could.

The Unsinkable Elissa Slater

If you need any further evidence that Big Brother 15 has devolved into the Elissa Slater show, the past couple of days on the live feeds should wipe away any doubt. And I am not saying that it is a good thing or a bad thing; I’m just stating what the facts are. There was […]

The Victim Card

CBS once again took to a public relations offensive with the airing of the eighth episode of Big Brother and the airing of The Talk the following day, the subject matter being the ongoing racism of one Aaryn Gries. As many of you live feed watchers know, there’s only one problem with that: Aaryn is […]

The Slow March

I don’t know about you, my fellow blog viewers, but watching the BB15 house is aging me. Hours seem to go by like days, days go by like weeks, weeks go by like months. With this group, you never know who is going to say what, and what will wind up on TMZ. House dynamics […]

Fight Night

I hadn’t planned on doing a commentary today, but the ugly incidents of last night gave me other plans. Aaryn Gries and her gang of thugs were baiting some of the women in the house who voted against Nick Uhas last night. First, Jeremy McGuire and Kaitlin Barnaby hogged the bed Jessie Kowalski was in […]