Version 3.0?

Julie Chen welcomes us to season 15 of the US Big Brother...
Julie Chen welcomes us to season 15 of the US Big Brother…

The lid was lifted off of the fifteenth season of Big Brother last night, marking the earliest a season has ever begun here in the United States.  The sixteen newbies (including the sister of a former winner) entered the house, with McCrae Olson becoming the initial Head of Household (HOH).

But as is usually case with initial episodes, there are twists and surprises.  The houseguests were told that this year, three nominees each week face eviction instead of the customary two.  Two will be placed up by the HOH as is normally the case, but a third nominee is put up by a new roleplayer, the MVP, or Most Valuable Player. Theoretically, this means a nominee could be MVP (since Julie Chen didn’t say it could not happen), and that any eviction vote can wind up in some sort of tie.  Two-way ties could be possible any week, three-way ties also seem be possible.

Will this mean that the last HOH competition will now take place with four competitors instead of three?  Will the final vote have three finalists instead of two, much like what Survivor has recently done?  Can an HOH also be an MVP?

The opening show was probably better than half of the BB opening episodes to date put together.  Julie Chen gets to operate from a much more spacious front of the house set normally seen in the versions of the show outside of ours, like Canada and Australia’s.  It was nice to show getting away from the robotic openings usually seen in the first episode of a given season.  So far, no concerns or worries.

Julie’s only faux pas of the night was mentioning that three nominees is something new in the US Big Brother, which is not accurate.  Season one could have two nominees or more if there were ties for second place in nomination votes, or if there were three way ties or more.  You’d think someone who hosted that show would remember that.

With all the changes this season, Big Brother seems to have entered version 3.0.  I consider version 1 the first season, version 2 being the last thirteen seasons, with version 3.0 being this year.  Maybe.  Possibly.

As I said in a post last year, I thought the ABC look-a-like Glass House would make the Big Brother franchise a better product.  So far, that’s exactly what happened.


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