The Quest To Pick A Winner

God help's another Reilly invading the BB house in the form of Elissa Slater.
God help us…it’s another Reilly invading the BB house in the form of BB13 winner Rachel’s sister, Elissa Slater.

Another year, another time to make predictions as to who will win Big Brother 15.

Last year, my picks to click were Ian Terry, Kara Monaco, and Jenn Arroyo.  Didn’t do too badly with Ian’s pick, Kara was a total bust (no Playboy model pun intended), and Jenn made a respectable fifth place finish.

This year, after carefully handicapping the entries, my three picks are Howard Overby, Spencer Clawson, and McCrae Olson.  Thinking season fifteen may wind up being another “Year Of The Bros” like season twelve was.

I’m not really seeing a lot of “talent” in this year’s horse race, if you will, beyond Howard, Spencer, McCrae, Helen Kim, and Elissa Slater.  A lot of people are going to hate Elissa mainly because of her bloodline to Rachel Reilly, but I can’t underestimate her chances at winning out of hand because she may get production help. Production aiding contestants, by the way, is a topic I do NOT shy away from, so be forewarned about that as the season progresses.  But there a lot of “nags” in this year’s race, compared to the proven thoroughbreds we had last season.

AARYN: I see her as the model that goes home early, a yearly tradition in the most recent seasons.

AMANDA: Could be a dark horse pick, will depend on her social abilities.

ANDY: A contender to at least make the jury, will need luck to go farther.

CANDICE: Could be the Danielle (of BB14) of this season, doesn’t seem afraid to spin lies, probably not going to be popular in social media circles.  Another mid-pack projection.

DAVID: I don’t usually make fun of people’s appearance, but what is up with that hair? Seriously.  Probably will at least get to the middle of the game, maybe deeper, but shouldn’t.

ELISSA: She’ll make the final five, but goes farther if Grodner and company want her to.  See Rachel’s win on BB13 as to why.

GINAMARIE: This year’s Jojo, don’t see her going past the first few weeks.

HELEN: I see a lot of Danielle Reyes in her.  Has drawbacks, namely that if she was allowed to have a watch in the house and someone asked her for the time, she’d tell you the history of time pieces.  Boom or bust pick.

HOWARD: I see flaws in his social game, but might be a competitive beast based on his football days at Southern Miss.  If not gone by the jury, he goes all the way.  My pick to win.  Needs to make friends and use them as “shields” like Dan Gheesling did in his seasons, and his Bible Belt upbringing may provide that.

JEREMY: If he can’t make friends, he won’t go far.

JESSIE: Ditto.

JUDD: Ditto again.  Who lasts the longest between these three “J’s” would make an interesting “prop bet” somewhere.

KAITLIN: Has what I call “Janelle potential” in that she could be a competitive sleeper and make for good drama in the house.

MCCRAE: Loves the Hamster Watch website, so I already know this kid is a good egg. Social game and seeming easy going nature may be his ultimate strength.

NICK: A guy with too much going for him for his own good.  Might turn off his fellow HG’s quickly.

SPENCER: Don’t think he is another Adam of BB13.  More like a Roddy Mancuso from BB3.  Think he has enough social skills to go deep.


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