My challenge to CBS...doubt they take me up on it.
My challenge to CBS…doubt they take me up on it.

Tomorrow (the 20th of June), the cast will be revealed for the 15th season of Big Brother, beginning a week from tonight.  Maybe it’s just me, but the earlier the normal start for the season is creating a lot of palace intrigue, a buzz, if you will.

Two changes in game play have already been revealed.  This year, instead of two players being nominated for eviction, we’re going to see three nominees each week. That’s a twist that’s been floated around among fans for several years, ever since Gerry Lancaster floated the idea one day during season three.

The second change strikes me as even more confusing.  Each week, fans will vote for a “Most Valuable Player” who will have special powers yet to be announced, with the vote commencing when the cast is revealed tomorrow.

So you the fans are allowed to vote for the MVP (and I assume future MVP’s), but the producers aren’t revealing what exactly the MVP’s powers are.  This sounds a lot like last season when the fans were “asked” (I put that in quotes because in the history of the show, the voting on a specific question has never been independently audited, like you would see during the American Idol finale, for example) about coaches re-entering the game.  I thought the question was misleading, because it wasn’t revealed how the poll would be applied into the live show.

Like all of you, I’m eager to see how the promised changes factor into the season.  On Sunday, I’ll give my prediction as to three houseguests to watch in the new season.


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