Meanwhile, Over In The UK…

UK Housemate Sallie Axl can barely contain herself.
UK Housemate Sallie Axl can barely contain herself.

While we wait for the US Big Brother to begin in less than two weeks, the UK version of Big Brother began late this week, and sparks have already flown between Sallie Axl and Gina Rio.  Late in the second day, Rio attacked Sallie briefly, leading to a formal warning from show producers, a step shy of a DQ.

I can’t help notice that the producers across the pond have probably watched a few of our seasons. Their new season subtitled “Secrets and Lies” has generously borrowed from our version of the show, not that I mind watching a UK spin of something the US has already done.

For instance, in the cast they have a set of twins, which was done in season five in the US with the not-so wonderful twins of Adria and Natalie.  The boy twins Jack and Joe (one is gay, the other is straight) play as a single entry.  A mother and daughter duo in the house, however, play as separate entities.

In the first eviction round, one of the housemates entitled a “Head Housemate” is the only person to nominate three people for eviction.  Boy, does that sound familiar.  He is also a “people’s puppet” which is a play of what Annie Whittington’s role was on Big Brother 12 here state side.

There are differences, however.  In BB UK, the public votes out the housemates, not those inside the house.  Their show never got “Survivorized” as the US version did. Housemates getting DQ’ed is a very rare event, with housemates quitting more likely to take place due to burnout or injury. Replacements usually go into the house if that occurs.

With the diversity of the cast and the many twists BB UK uses in their nominating procedures, it’s hard to predict who’ll win a given season, much more so than the US version.  If I had to guess at this point, I’d keep my eye on the Jack/Joe tandem.


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