The Great Gambit

Hard to believe three Sundays from now I’ll be talking to you about the first few days of Big Brother the 15th, but yet here we are.  Bless those of you who have already bought the subscription to watch the season.  As for me, I like to know WHAT I am buying before I buy, like what the casting twist is this year.  I follow the old adage of never buying a pig in a poke.

The rumors of what and who the casting twists are fill the Internet like mold on a carpet. Until we know, we do not know.  What we do know, however, is the season is likely to be the longest in US history, surpassing the first season under the International format (houseguests choosing two people for eviction, audience decides who goes) that went 88 days.  CBS is promoting a “100 day summer” with very credible sources saying the show will last 13 weeks at least.

I am not convinced a longer show will make for a better show.  The reason I always thought the seasons were lasting generally less than 80 days was mental fatigue both of the audience and the houseguests kicks in at around 60 days.  BB2’s Nicole and BB3’s Marcellas having the most notable breakdowns in judgment for all the world to see. (Dingo over at Hamster Watch reminds me that Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon had a legendary breakdown before she left the house after 75 days in BB5.  Good catch.)  Also, when the show hits September and football season rolls around, the audience that watches these shows usually goes with it.

But without so many of the reality shows the started in the 2000’s on a downturn (Survivor, for example) and the Big Brother franchise threatened by an imitator last season over on ABC, it would only make sense that CBS would make some moves to shake things up. Then again, how many times over recent years has Grodner/CBS/et al promised big changes, but the changes turned out to be merely temporary and cosmetic?

More next Sunday.  Finally, a programming reminder of sorts: I will be doing commentaries this year on Sundays only, unless events warrant.  Until then, drive and live life safely.


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