Everybody Loves (To Hate) Elissa

I did something Friday night I have never done in all the years of following Big Brother since it began in 2000. In the late afternoon, I grabbed by Bank Of America handy dandy debit card and bought a month of the live feeds. If any of you out there have never watched the feeds, […]

Version 3.0?

The lid was lifted off of the fifteenth season of Big Brother last night, marking the earliest a season has ever begun here in the United States.  The sixteen newbies (including the sister of a former winner) entered the house, with McCrae Olson becoming the initial Head of Household (HOH). But as is usually case […]

The Quest To Pick A Winner

Another year, another time to make predictions as to who will win Big Brother 15. Last year, my picks to click were Ian Terry, Kara Monaco, and Jenn Arroyo.  Didn’t do too badly with Ian’s pick, Kara was a total bust (no Playboy model pun intended), and Jenn made a respectable fifth place finish. This […]


Tomorrow (the 20th of June), the cast will be revealed for the 15th season of Big Brother, beginning a week from tonight.  Maybe it’s just me, but the earlier the normal start for the season is creating a lot of palace intrigue, a buzz, if you will. Two changes in game play have already been […]

Meanwhile, Over In The UK…

While we wait for the US Big Brother to begin in less than two weeks, the UK version of Big Brother began late this week, and sparks have already flown between Sallie Axl and Gina Rio.  Late in the second day, Rio attacked Sallie briefly, leading to a formal warning from show producers, a step […]

The Great Gambit

Hard to believe three Sundays from now I’ll be talking to you about the first few days of Big Brother the 15th, but yet here we are.  Bless those of you who have already bought the subscription to watch the season.  As for me, I like to know WHAT I am buying before I buy, […]

Switching Channels

It was announced over the past week that TV Guide Network (now owned by CBS itself) has acquired the rights to air the late night program Big Brother After Dark, freeing Showtime’s menagerie of networks to go back to airing late night soft-core porn, I suppose. At first, I thought the move was tremendous for […]