Hayden The Survivor

So not only did Survivor finally get a Big Brother houseguest to play as a castaway, they also got a Big Brother winner in Hayden Moss.

I really didn’t pay attention to Big Brother for a stretch.  Got disinterested in the latter half of BB9, the “fiasco” of a winter/spring version of the show that took place in early 2008.  Got started on BB10, but about two thirds of the way through I got bored with it.  Seasons 11, 12, and 13 were a blur to me, so I really didn’t pay attention to Hayden’s win in 2010.

Wouldn’t be shocked if he wins Survivor as well, as he seems to have the physical tools to compete in the setting Survivor requires.  Building alliances and having a bit of luck will also be needed, two things he certainly excelled at in that “house” in California the summer he won.

Not to mention that Survivor will probably have lots of Big Brother viewers who don’t normally watch tuning in, which I guess is the whole point, right?


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