Hayden The Survivor

So not only did Survivor finally get a Big Brother houseguest to play as a castaway, they also got a Big Brother winner in Hayden Moss. I really didn’t pay attention to Big Brother for a stretch.  Got disinterested in the latter half of BB9, the “fiasco” of a winter/spring version of the show that […]

The Hook Brings You Back

ABOVE: “Hook” by Blues Traveler, a song from the 1990s, but a perfect way to describe the BB Canada finale of 2013. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the “bizarro vote” that took place Thursday night.  And I keep coming back to two phrases that keep popping into my head. The first phrase […]

Who’s Cleaning Up This Mess?

The Big Brother Canada finale just ended.  Had it been a normal finale, I wouldn’t be doing this blog entry at nearly midnight on Thursday night. But something rather bizarre happened at the BB Canada finale.  A fitting way to end a bizarre season. While host Arisa Cox was tallying the votes to determine whether […]