Hayden The Survivor

So not only did Survivor finally get a Big Brother houseguest to play as a castaway, they also got a Big Brother winner in Hayden Moss.

I really didn’t pay attention to Big Brother for a stretch.  Got disinterested in the latter half of BB9, the “fiasco” of a winter/spring version of the show that took place in early 2008.  Got started on BB10, but about two thirds of the way through I got bored with it.  Seasons 11, 12, and 13 were a blur to me, so I really didn’t pay attention to Hayden’s win in 2010.

Wouldn’t be shocked if he wins Survivor as well, as he seems to have the physical tools to compete in the setting Survivor requires.  Building alliances and having a bit of luck will also be needed, two things he certainly excelled at in that “house” in California the summer he won.

Not to mention that Survivor will probably have lots of Big Brother viewers who don’t normally watch tuning in, which I guess is the whole point, right?

The Hook Brings You Back

ABOVE: “Hook” by Blues Traveler, a song from the 1990s, but a perfect way to describe the BB Canada finale of 2013.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the “bizarro vote” that took place Thursday night.  And I keep coming back to two phrases that keep popping into my head.

The first phrase is one word: intent.  The second phrase: correctable error.

When hostess Arisa Cox revealed Topaz Brady’s vote, even she was a bit shocked. And did you notice Dan Gheesling, the BB10 winner and BB14 runner-up, attempting to talk to Topaz while she was melting down?

But I still have the same problem with the voting snafu as I did Thursday night.  The first line of defense Arisa threw out was that they couldn’t have everyone re-vote again.  My first instinct would be to ask: why not?  For the entire season, the Slice Network of Canada insisted that the live shows were just that.  The problem is they were taped a few hours in advance each and every time.  So there was enough time to correct the error and edit out the blunder.  The producers chose not to take that route, so I will leave it to you the readers to ask yourselves why.

It was also clear who Brady wanted to vote for.  If it wasn’t clear as she placed her vote, how could it not be clear when she bum rushed the host of the show?  But again, the erroneous vote was allowed to stand.

Should Topaz paid more attention to the instructions?  Absolutely she should have.

But seeing all the twists BB Canada tried in season one, and how I mentioned earlier that it reeked of desperation, perhaps the producers went to desperate attempts once more.  By letting the vote stand as was, and creating a controversy that perhaps shouldn’t have been there to begin with, a second season in 2014 seems much more likely than it was beforehand. The hook that will bring everyone back, if you will.

As you were, people.  I’ll be back in June when BB15 draws closer.

Who’s Cleaning Up This Mess?

Topaz Brady realizes she made an error in her final vote.  She intended to vote for Gary, but accidentally voted for Jillian, who won the finale 4-3.  May 2, 2013.

Topaz Brady realizes she made an error in her final vote. She intended to vote for Gary, but accidentally voted for Jillian, who won the finale 4-3. May 2, 2013.

The Big Brother Canada finale just ended.  Had it been a normal finale, I wouldn’t be doing this blog entry at nearly midnight on Thursday night.

But something rather bizarre happened at the BB Canada finale.  A fitting way to end a bizarre season.

While host Arisa Cox was tallying the votes to determine whether or not Gary Levy or Jillian MacLaughlin was going to walk away as the inaugural Big Brother Canada victor, Emerald “Topaz” Brady objected to her vote being cast for Jillian.  She walked over to where Arisa was standing to say that her intent was to vote for Gary, not Jillian.  Cox reiterated that the jurors were told clearly that they picked who you wanted to win the season, but Brady remained adamant that she had made a mistake.

After the show came back from a hastily called (if not an emergency) commercial break, they showed a replay of Topaz inserting Jillian’s card to be revealed by Arisa near the end of the show.  As the vote went, Jillian won the $100,000 and some assorted prizes by a 4-3 count.  That one erroneous vote by Topaz was just enough to give MacLaughlin the win, and cost Gary Levy a chance at victory.

I am not a lawyer.  I only play one when I blog.  It is easy to say Brady messed up, because quite obviously she did.  But if it is true she intended to vote for Gary to win and made a mistake, that’s a serious problem for the integrity of the show and the season.  Topaz’s screw-up was one error, but the producers magnified the error by simply not allowing it’s correction.  Especially on a so-called live show that was taped!

Now I know a reality show can’t realistically mimic a legal system, especially not one of a different country than the show was produced in.  But in the United States, there have been many famous legal trials in my lifetime.  When a verdict is read, the lawyers ask the jurors: is this your verdict?  Did we get how you want to vote correct?  For the verdict to be official, all the jurors must answer “yes” to that question.

Simply put…and I will use the more polite six-letter word here…the producers fouled up.  End of story.  They could have made things right.  They didn’t.  Those final moments of BB Canada wound up being the microcosm of their whole season.

More on Sunday…