The Golden Showmance

It was another quiet week on the Big Brother Canada front, but quiet is not good as the show’s first season winds down to a climax.  This week it was Andrew Monaghan’s week to get the pink slip, as he was evicted in fifth place to become the permanent fifth juror.

Jillian MacLaughlin again won Head of Household, making it the fourth time she’s won HOH this season.  In the US, winning HOH four times has happened on five occasions, so should she win that title again in the round of three, she would set what I guess could be called the North American record.  To no one’s surprise, she nominated Talla Rajaei and the prodigal Gary Levy as nominees.  Jillian’s showmance partner Emmett Blois then won Power of Veto last night, so the sole vote in this stage of the game also holds veto powers.

It’s starting to look like the first season of BB Canada will be remember for the MacLaughlin-Blois partnership.  One of those two is guaranteed a spot in the head-to-head finals now, as they have each punched tickets to the final three.  I’ve got to think that the twosome will “execute” Gary next, leaving Talla in play against the Nova Scotians.  Would leave to see Rajaei get win the season to spice things up at the end, but she faces long odds at this point in the game.

Season 15 of BB USA is now less than two months away, if you can believe that.


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