The Week That Wasn’t There


So here’s what happened this week in a nutshell: Peter Brown became the latest houseguest evicted in a 2-0 vote, temporarily reducing the field down to four.

Toronto stylist Gary Levy re-entered the house later, getting a second chance at winning the grand prize despite having been a juror after his eviction earlier in the season.  Emmett Blois is HOH for a second time in three weeks, and has put Levy and Andrew Monaghan up as nominees.  Gary has since won Power of Veto, assuring that he and Emmett will make the final four.

As an added surprise, Big Brother USA’s season ten winner and season fourteen runner-up Dan Gheesling has entered the Canadian house as a visitor, chatting up the houseguests and asking them about their strategies.

While Dan has become the first houseguest from the United States to visit another country’s house during their season (although I’m unsure whether or not Amy Crews did likewise during season three when she was sequestered in Mexico), the events of this week to a back seat to the events of the real world in the city of Boston, where terrorism struck near the start/finish line of the Boston Marathon. Justice has already been served, with the older of the two suspects dead, the younger one in custody.

As mentioned last week, I’m befuddled trying to figure out what the producers of the show are trying to do bringing Gary back, and now bringing Dan Gheesling in.  Love him or hate him, Dan’s the best player ever to play Big Brother for my money.  But to see him in Canada’s house is a bit unreal.  The next thing you’ll tell me is that Dan will be on The Glass House, should they ever do another season.

I have no idea who’s going to win the BB Canada season.  Peter Brown and Alec Beall were considerable favorites to win in my mind, but they each have been stopped short of the goal line.  Right now, I’d think Jillian would be a strong pick for the win, as she has plenty of “shields” in front of her that likely will go before she does.  Plus, showmance or no, I think she’d cut Emmett’s throat (figuratively) in a heartbeat.  We’ll see what happens.


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