Up in Canada, the Big Brother game is continuing, although the feeds are still a long ways away from the 24/7 Slice promised at the beginning.  The flamboyant Gary Levy was the evictee this week, with two more evictees leaving the game Thursday to reduce the field to five.

The big news this week to this reporter was nothing that happened north of the border, but the news that CBS.com his acquired rights to air the live feeds away from the Real.com Superpass for Big Brother 15 this year when it begins in June or July.

Danielle Murphree reacts in horror as Dan Gheesling makes a stunning move to evict her long time friend Shane Meaney.
Yes Danielle, I couldn’t believe it either…

I would have to think that with CBS.com controlling the live feeds that this will wind up NOT being a good thing this season.  My thinking is it you will NOT get to see anything more then you presently see now.  I don’t think they’re going to “break the fourth wall” and finally show you nominations and competitions they keep hidden from view because they give production cues and whatnot.  So by default, it is probably more likely that the live feed subscriber will get to see less.

Through the years, I have always said that I can envision the day where there are no live feeds of a US Big Brother season.  The UK shows very limited feeds during their seasons, and we have the abortion of feeds up in Canada.  It seems here in the US, we are getting closer to that day.


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