The Golden Showmance

It was another quiet week on the Big Brother Canada front, but quiet is not good as the show’s first season winds down to a climax.  This week it was Andrew Monaghan’s week to get the pink slip, as he was evicted in fifth place to become the permanent fifth juror.

Jillian MacLaughlin again won Head of Household, making it the fourth time she’s won HOH this season.  In the US, winning HOH four times has happened on five occasions, so should she win that title again in the round of three, she would set what I guess could be called the North American record.  To no one’s surprise, she nominated Talla Rajaei and the prodigal Gary Levy as nominees.  Jillian’s showmance partner Emmett Blois then won Power of Veto last night, so the sole vote in this stage of the game also holds veto powers.

It’s starting to look like the first season of BB Canada will be remember for the MacLaughlin-Blois partnership.  One of those two is guaranteed a spot in the head-to-head finals now, as they have each punched tickets to the final three.  I’ve got to think that the twosome will “execute” Gary next, leaving Talla in play against the Nova Scotians.  Would leave to see Rajaei get win the season to spice things up at the end, but she faces long odds at this point in the game.

Season 15 of BB USA is now less than two months away, if you can believe that.

The Week That Wasn’t There


So here’s what happened this week in a nutshell: Peter Brown became the latest houseguest evicted in a 2-0 vote, temporarily reducing the field down to four.

Toronto stylist Gary Levy re-entered the house later, getting a second chance at winning the grand prize despite having been a juror after his eviction earlier in the season.  Emmett Blois is HOH for a second time in three weeks, and has put Levy and Andrew Monaghan up as nominees.  Gary has since won Power of Veto, assuring that he and Emmett will make the final four.

As an added surprise, Big Brother USA’s season ten winner and season fourteen runner-up Dan Gheesling has entered the Canadian house as a visitor, chatting up the houseguests and asking them about their strategies.

While Dan has become the first houseguest from the United States to visit another country’s house during their season (although I’m unsure whether or not Amy Crews did likewise during season three when she was sequestered in Mexico), the events of this week to a back seat to the events of the real world in the city of Boston, where terrorism struck near the start/finish line of the Boston Marathon. Justice has already been served, with the older of the two suspects dead, the younger one in custody.

As mentioned last week, I’m befuddled trying to figure out what the producers of the show are trying to do bringing Gary back, and now bringing Dan Gheesling in.  Love him or hate him, Dan’s the best player ever to play Big Brother for my money.  But to see him in Canada’s house is a bit unreal.  The next thing you’ll tell me is that Dan will be on The Glass House, should they ever do another season.

I have no idea who’s going to win the BB Canada season.  Peter Brown and Alec Beall were considerable favorites to win in my mind, but they each have been stopped short of the goal line.  Right now, I’d think Jillian would be a strong pick for the win, as she has plenty of “shields” in front of her that likely will go before she does.  Plus, showmance or no, I think she’d cut Emmett’s throat (figuratively) in a heartbeat.  We’ll see what happens.

The Revival Hour

This week, Alec Beall and Emerald “Topaz” Brady were evicted from the house on Thursday in yet another double eviction week.  Beall was heavily favored by this reporter to win the season, as his game seemed patterned after Will Kirby’s from season two of the US Big Brother. But along the way, Beall made one mistake that Kirby never made in the two seasons he played: that was winning Head of Household.  When you have control of the house, you either directly or indirectly cause someone to leave the game.  If you cause someone to leave the game who has friends in the house, you give those persons a reason to evict you.  Will Kirby understood this, Alec Beall did not.

But what’s this?  The producers north of the border are going to give one of the jurored houseguests a second chance at winning the game through another “audience choice” decision?


I’m OK, group.  That was the sound of my face banging against the notebook computer.

On the US version, the revival twist works out just fine.  Mainly because it’s only been used once every three years.  For BB Canada to break out the twist in their first season just smacks of desperation.

Then there is the matter of doing a revival so late in the season, midway through finding the jurors who will decide the winner.  It’s never been done this late in the US version of BB, and for good reason.  It gives the jurored houseguest who may or may not have had time to deliberate with other houseguests a possible huge advantage.

Between the constant feed interruptions and now this, the producers of BB Canada are doing a very good job…at making Allison Grodner (who produces the BB US version) look good.  And prior to a couple of months ago, that’s something I thought wasn’t humanly possible.


Up in Canada, the Big Brother game is continuing, although the feeds are still a long ways away from the 24/7 Slice promised at the beginning.  The flamboyant Gary Levy was the evictee this week, with two more evictees leaving the game Thursday to reduce the field to five.

The big news this week to this reporter was nothing that happened north of the border, but the news that his acquired rights to air the live feeds away from the Superpass for Big Brother 15 this year when it begins in June or July.

Danielle Murphree reacts in horror as Dan Gheesling makes a stunning move to evict her long time friend Shane Meaney.

Yes Danielle, I couldn’t believe it either…

I would have to think that with controlling the live feeds that this will wind up NOT being a good thing this season.  My thinking is it you will NOT get to see anything more then you presently see now.  I don’t think they’re going to “break the fourth wall” and finally show you nominations and competitions they keep hidden from view because they give production cues and whatnot.  So by default, it is probably more likely that the live feed subscriber will get to see less.

Through the years, I have always said that I can envision the day where there are no live feeds of a US Big Brother season.  The UK shows very limited feeds during their seasons, and we have the abortion of feeds up in Canada.  It seems here in the US, we are getting closer to that day.