Double Double, Toil And Trouble

First of all, Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it.

So this week, here’s what has happened in BB Canada land: Suzette Amaya was finally evicted Thursday night on what I like to call the “jury bubble,” where the last non-juror is evicted.  Suzette seemed to me to maximize her stay in the game, winning Head of Household once, being vetoed by Canada to stave off an eviction before finally going home on the 36th day.

For the second week in a row, not one but two houseguests will be evicted.  Emerald “Topaz” Brady won her first HOH crown in the proceeding competition, putting up Anuj “AJ” Burman and Andrew Monaghan as nominees.  Alec Beall won the ensuing POV competition, and chose to keep the nominations as they were.  In the closest eviction vote of the season so far, it was Burman who wound up being evicted 4-2, with Andrew Monaghan remaining in the house to win his 2nd HOH crown of the season.  He has since nominated Gary Levy and Topaz Brady as nominees.

Beyond Andrew’s nominations, we have yet to know what has happened in the house because the Slice Network has decided in its infinite wisdom to take the live feeds down for most of the past three days.  I really don’t understand why the powers at the Slice Network that be want to kill their own show by not making it available for all of us to view at all times.

I don’t suppose that it has occurred to producers not only in Canada and the United States as well that you could probably show competitions and whatnot on the feeds and add some footage to the TV shows to get people to watch both.  But as a live feed, this first Canada-wide version of Big Brother leaves much to be desired.


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