The Myth Of The 24/7 Feed

Big Brother Canada doubled the pleasure and doubled the fan this past Thursday with two evictions taking place in an action packed hour.  Thomas Plant was the first evicted, followed up by his “showmance” partner Liza Stinton before the hour ended.  The HOH title went from Gary Levy, over to Andrew Monaghan for the “week within an hour” HOH cycle, ending with Alec Beall being the present house leader.  Suzette Amaya and Anuj “AJ” Burman have each again been nominated, with Emmett Blois winning the POV for the second straight time.  Odds are that Amaya finally gets evicted, with the remaining nine competitors either serving as jurors or the two finalists when the game ends in a month or so.

The topic of the so-called 24/7 feeds and their censorship has been a common thread since the botched HOH competition took place back on March 15th when Emmett Blois appeared to win an HOH competition, but was found to have cheated and was stripped of the title shortly afterward.  Many of us in the social media felt that since the cheating tooking place in the “light of day” on Canada’s Slice Network, the HOH competition to find a replacement should have also been shown in a likewise manner.

The producers of the Canadian Big Brother did not feel as we do.  In fact, it seems to this reporter that the censorship of the feeds in the interests of giving the accompanying TV show material has been much more liberal with its exclusion then BB USA has in recent years. (And I hope we’re not giving BB USA any ideas because of this for the new season beginning in June.) But there is a silver lining here, as the Canadian BB has sponsors linked arm and arm with the so-called 24/7 feeds.  So if you’re in the mood to complain, may I suggest companies such as Chevrolet Canada, Ramada Worldwide, and the Brick Warehouse?

I’m sure that if you sent them a polite E-mail or two, they’d appreciate the input.  And remember: little things in life tend to go the longest way.


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