Finishing Unfinished Business

If you haven’t followed Big Brother Canada at all the past eight days, you would think nothing had changed.  But we’re now in the third HOH cycle, not the second one.  Thomas Plant is the reigning Head of Household now, not Jillian McLaughlin.  But yet again, the nominees are Suzette Amaya and Gary Levy.

How did we get here?  Well, we have 20 year old Danielle Alexander of Calgary to thank for that.  The aspiring actress came up with the bright idea to put herself up for nomination as a replacement for Gary, who won his way off of the block in the second HOH cycle by winning the Power Of Veto competition last week.  Enter Danielle, exit Gary, exit Danielle.

Miss Alexander, who may or may not be heard from again on TV or on the silver screen (good luck with that, by the way), is the latest Big Brother contestant in North American to fall into what I like to call the Volunteer Trap.  When you volunteer to be a nominee, you have a 50/50 chance at best of being evicted.  It has happened time and time again in the US version of the show, and sure enough, it happens in the Great White North as well.

Last night, Thomas Plant consolidated his power for the week by winning the Power of Veto competition as well, which should lock in Amaya and Levy as the two nominees for the week with no chance of either of them getting paroled.  With Amaya recorded squabbling at the Diary Room during the week past about being in the house, I look for her to go home after Thursday.  While the houseguests almost to a person all want her gone, don’t underestimate the premise of the producers wanting her gone as well.  It should be a cakewalk.


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