All’s Fair In Love And War

The recent developments in Big Brother Canada are these, but I warn you that some of the information I’m about to reveal has yet to air on the TV shows as of yet.  So, if you don’t want to know, you may want to stop reading at this point.

Kat Yee was the first houseguest evicted by a vote of 11-1, with only Liza Stinton voting to evict Emmett Blois.  After that, the second HOH competition was determined in a more conventional way, won by Jillian MacLaughlin, the Nova Scotia teacher.  Jillian selected Aneal Ramkisoon and Gary Levy as the nominees, with Gary winning Power of Veto on Saturday.  As of this writing, the veto meeting has yet to take place, where it’s assumed that Gary will veto himself and Jillian will name a replacement nominee.

The show is not off to a good start.  The live eviction show that aired on Slice at 10pm Thursday night was actually taped a couple of hours ahead of time, despite advertisements to the contrary on their broadcasts during the first show the night before.  Whenever BB USA did a “live to tape” eviction show, the word “live” was never used during those particular broadcasts.  There’s a difference between being misleading and being deceptive, and BB Canada didn’t take long to cross that line at all.

The big story in the early going is that there are three couples in the house presently, the two biggest of those are the all Nova Scotia couple Emmett and Jillian, and the east and west pairing of Topaz (real name: Emerald Brady) and Alec Beal.  Much like BB2 when Dr. Will Kirby and Shannon Dragoo had the game’s first showmance, here’s Alec doing likewise.  Time will tell if this is something Alec planned or just happened, or a little of both.

Meanwhile, Jillian and Emmett have gotten so cozy with each other that the two had an in-game make out session late Saturday night, with Emmett eager to please the reigning HOH and Jillian not all that interested in rounding the bases with the young farmer just yet.  That in itself will prove an interesting in-house dynamic.

With all of these couples in the house, it should prove to make the middle of the game and beyond interesting.  Not too infrequently the winner of the game is a fragment of a in-game relationship.  We’ll see if that plays out as the game moves on.


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