Double Double, Toil And Trouble

First of all, Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it. So this week, here’s what has happened in BB Canada land: Suzette Amaya was finally evicted Thursday night on what I like to call the “jury bubble,” where the last non-juror is evicted.  Suzette seemed to me to maximize her stay in the […]

The Myth Of The 24/7 Feed

Big Brother Canada doubled the pleasure and doubled the fan this past Thursday with two evictions taking place in an action packed hour.  Thomas Plant was the first evicted, followed up by his “showmance” partner Liza Stinton before the hour ended.  The HOH title went from Gary Levy, over to Andrew Monaghan for the “week […]

Control Is An Illusion

The facts of the events in the last week of Big Brother Canada are these: Thomas Plant was the HOH when we left things off last Sunday, and had also won the Power of Veto in that cycle, keeping nominees Suzette Amaya and Anuj “AJ” Burman in tact for the eviction vote.  But a twist […]

Finishing Unfinished Business

If you haven’t followed Big Brother Canada at all the past eight days, you would think nothing had changed.  But we’re now in the third HOH cycle, not the second one.  Thomas Plant is the reigning Head of Household now, not Jillian McLaughlin.  But yet again, the nominees are Suzette Amaya and Gary Levy. How […]

All’s Fair In Love And War

The recent developments in Big Brother Canada are these, but I warn you that some of the information I’m about to reveal has yet to air on the TV shows as of yet.  So, if you don’t want to know, you may want to stop reading at this point. Kat Yee was the first houseguest […]