Thoughts On Opening Night

So the Canadian version of Big Brother, which was billed as the first such event north of the border (not true, Quebec had a version of BB as late as 2010), got underway for TV viewers last night on Canada’s Spice network.  The fifteen houseguests entered the house in waves of five, with Vancouver’s Suzette Amaya winning the first Head of Household.  She nominated Thomas Plant of Edmonton and Nova Scotia’s Emmett Blois as the first nominees.

As the inaugural show concluded, Thomas won the power of veto competition by being the first to put a puzzle together by popping balloons with sharp edges on a waistband off of the purple suit he and the other houseguests wore.  And with that, here comes a SPOILER ALERT…

Thomas took himself off of the block in the veto meeting yet to be aired.  Suzette named Kat Yee of Toronto as the replacement nominee, which means tonight’s eviction show will either have Emmett or Kat going home.

Watching the live show last night on one of the feeds carrying it (because for some reason, you can only watch Big Brother Canada’s free feeds if you are in Canada), I felt that the show lacked identity of its own.  They were using the tried and true BB USA format, but there were elements of the UK and Australia versions thrown in.  For instance, Suzette became the first HOH merely by answering the first call from “Big Brother” and accepting the first mission, not by winning any competitions.  So in effect, she didn’t earn the position, she gained it by dumb luck.

The early thinking is that Kat’s going to be first out tonight, but with the game taking place in the Eastern time zone in the suburbs of Toronto and not out west, the group will have three more hours to give the matter thought.


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