Oh, Canada…

The fifteen houseguests of Big Brother Canada...
The fifteen houseguests of Big Brother Canada…

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention since Ian Terry took the $500,000 last September, we have a new Big Brother season to look forward to up in Canada.  This one begins next week up in Toronto on the Slice Network exclusively seen in Canada.  I expect that the game will have an American feel to it, because the game was cast and by those behind the American Big Brother series.

As I did before the start of Big Brother 14, I thought I would go through the field and give some analysis. It is my theory that the way the game is cast, those with social skills that are used as an everyday part of their lives fare better than those that depend totally on themselves, such as actors, musicians, and athletes. What makes casting interesting is sometimes there are “tweeners” thrown in that have selfish streaks in them on top of a good social game.  Janelle Pierzina and Rachel Reilly are examples of that type of houseguests.

Taking a look at the Big Brother Canada cast, this season seems front-loaded with those who may have a good social game.

A good example of that is Jillian, the Nova Scotia teacher. She deals with children on a daily basis, and asked to get them to behave on a daily basis. That may make her easily exposed by others as being manipulative, so I think she would leave the game about in the middle of the pack, maybe a tad farther with luck.

Thomas, the Edmonton firefighter and bartender, reminds me a bit of Shane Meaney from season fourteen last summer, which is exactly the impression the casting department wants to leave with you. I could see Thomas winning competitions in the early going, but that will make for his undoing by the end of the game.

Peter, the British Columbia webmaster… I don’t see him lasting long. Properly will be one of the first four out of the game. Looking at his occupation, his social game and social skills will be a big question mark.

Talla, the Edmonton support worker and student, could be a mixed bag of social skills and a lack of competitive skills that might push for more into the game. If she doesn’t win competitions early but wins a few in the middle of the game, she may make it to the end.

Suzette from Vancouver is a jack of all trades when it comes to her occupational skills, which makes her a wildcard in this mix of fifteen competitors. What is interesting about her is that she has a little extra padding, which is usually kryptonite in the casting formula the Big Brother producers use. Personally, I’m all for it and I hope she goes far in the game.

Danielle Alexander from Calgary strikes me as the Kara Monaco of this year’s cast, compared to America’s season fourteen. I have her pegged as possibly the first woman to exit the game by eviction, not lasting very long at all.

I don’t know what to make of Aneal, the communications major from Ontario. It seems still talk a lot, but will he listen to the information he could gather around him?  Probably THE wildcard on the cast, but I can see him going sooner rather than later because the other houseguests may not relate to him.

Emerald, the Toronto student and dental hygienist strikes me as someone who will go deep into the game for me one of the first gone. It will all depend on social skills and her abilities to solve problems in the house

Liza is another example of how a houseguest is cast based on the template set in prior seasons. She reminds me of Ashley Iocco a bit, with maybe a bit more on the ball about her. She looks like somebody who could win a few of the shorter challenges, which may push her into jury territory.

A.J. maybe the dark horse on the male side. As a business director, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he tries to become the house leader of sorts, which may mean that other houseguests will try to overthrow him by the middle of the game. If he can avoid trouble and controversy, I also wouldn’t be shocked if he made it to the end,

Emmett, the Nova Scotia farmer may be one of the early casualties. Being outgoing is one thing, but it may hamper his ability to work within the framework of the group.

Kat is another player I could see going all the way given the right breaks. Bartenders have been known to play well in the American version of Big Brother, such as Lisa Donahue, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Memphis Garrett. Her downside is she is a bit of a free spirit, if her profile on the Big Brother Canada Slice blog is to be believed.

At the age of thirty-eight, Andrew Monaghan of Nova Scotia is the oldest male of the group. With few exceptions in BB USA play over the years, the elder statesman in the house usually do not fare well for one reason or another. The Canadian version of the game may prove to be a whole different kettle of fish, so I don’t really have a feel as to how well Andrew will fare.

The one houseguest who stands out to me as a possible winner is Alec Beall from Vancouver. In his profile, he can’t stop talking about Dr. Will Kirby, one of the greatest players in BB USA history, if not the best. I think he knows the kind of game he needs to play and the kind of game he wants to play. I’ll be totally shocked if he does not win the $100,000 when this game winds up.

Gary seems to have been cast as the resident gay houseguest, not that there is anything wrong with that.  In BB USA, a gay or lesbian houseguest has never won the season he or she was placed on, with Ivette Corredero coming the closest in season six. I say this because Canada seems as if it is a more open culture than the United States is, so who knows? The social game seems to be Gary’s strength, the key will be whether or not he can win competitions to keep himself out of trouble.

It should be an interesting season, and something worth watching until America’s season fifteen kicks off in June.


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