Tidbits Here And There

Us watchers of Big Brother here in the US love to gossip and speculate on every little thing that goes on during the season.  Well for all of us speculators and postulators, we’ve already had one nugget of information come our way: Big Brother 15’s first show will apparently be June 26th, 2013.

Only the seventh season, Big Brother All-Stars, had a June debut, which was a preview show where viewers could “vote” on the fourteen returning houseguests to enter back into the house that season.  I put the word vote in quotes because it wasn’t explained to viewers that some houseguests were selected to go in by the producers until the first regular episode in July, and therefore didn’t have to be dependent on the voting results.  A classic “bait and switch” game Big Brother has played with viewers on and off throughout the years, to be totally honest about it.  Does this mean the 2013 Big Brother is going to be another revival of houseguests?  Could be.  It could also be the season just being moved up a bit so that it ends before the 2013-14 TV season get started.  Wouldn’t put too much thought into that announcement until we get more word.

Word out of Canada is that the first season of Big Brother Canada will feature free live feeds, the first time in North America that has happened since the first US BB back in 2000.  However, to say this is the first BB Canada has had is a bit of misnomer.  There was a Quebec version of BB that aired in 2010, borrowing both from the United States and International versions of the show.  One unique idea the Quebec version had was not one, but two Heads of Household each week.  The top HOH (number one) put two names up for eviction, while the “vice” HOH (number two) put up a third name.  Number one, number two: sounds like The Prisoner a bit, doesn’t it?

A topless model aptly named Lacey Banghard (no, not her birth name) was the third celebrity contestant eliminated from the latest installment of Celebrity Big Brother over in the United Kingdom.  Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, playing as a team, have faced the public vote twice, and survived each occasion.  In fact, each time they have been eligible for to be nominated, every last “housemate” has placed them up.  Sooner or later, the rest of the house may realize that putting them up is a wasted vote, and they might get down to taking each other out.

By design or otherwise, Pratt and Montag’s behavior in the house has been downright boorish, at times openly uncooperative and rude to the other housemates.  They got into an argument with former soccer play Neil “Razor” Ruddock over the weekend, getting Ruddock’s ire up to the point where he made threats against the two in a moment of anger, and had to be warned against making further gestures of the like.  (Back on the fifth CBB in early 2007, former UK BB housemate Jade Goody got into it with Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, using racist remarks and setting off an international incident of sorts, causing the show to lose numerous sponsors during its 26 day run.  Shilpa won the season, while Jade was the third evicted.) With Pratt and Montag seemingly immune by the British public from being evicted, have they won this game already?


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