Speidi Sense

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag enter the Big Brother house, January 3, 2013.
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag enter the Big Brother house, January 3, 2013.

Belated Happy New Year wishes to you all.

We kick off the year of 2013 with a look at Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK.  Then Big Brother Canada will follow that in late February, then Big Brother 15 starting in July.  Somewhere in the year, will there be a Glass House 2?  Still unclear whether or not that happens as the year begins.

There’s at least one CBB held in the UK, sometimes two, as was the case last year.  Usually, there’s usually an American amongst the group of some sort.  Last season, held after the regular UK Big Brother was played during the summer, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore was the US entrant, making it all the way to the final day with a fourth place finish.  The season before that, they had the Shannon twins from Playboy, and they also made it to the final day, finishing fifth as a two-player entity.

(Fair disclosure: the Shannon twins attended Largo High School in Largo, Florida, which is my alma mater.)

This season, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were chosen as the American entries, and will play in the game as a single entity.  They did not get off to a good start as the game began with a segregated house, with one half of the house living normally, the other half living in the basement.  The Pratt/Montag duo decided to isolate themselves from the house and were antisocial in social situations in the opening few days.

This did not sit well with the other housemates.  The UK version of Big Brother is played much like the first Big Brother here in the US, with no Arnold Shapiro to come along and decide from on high that the voting public makes bad decisions.  The two with the most votes must “face the public vote” as well as anyone tied for second place, or anyone in a three way tie or more for first place.  Spencer and Heidi received ten votes, one from each of the other housemates.

Another wrinkle to the UK BB is that the twists usually revolve around nominations.  For the “basement” houseguests to get full house privileges, one of them had to “sacrifice themselves” and go up for a public vote, for which jockey Frankie Dettori agreed to do.  So Dettrori, the Pratt/Montag team, and former British model Paula Hamilton are up for eviction, with one of those three gone tomorrow unless any last moment twists arise.  Hamilton, the one time squeeze of Simon Cowell who had recently been in a DUI-related automobile accident that knocked out a lot of her teeth, feared at the end of the nomination episode that she may be gone and threatened to leave, but doubled back from those thoughts as the episode concluded.

Usually, the American entry goes at least midway through the Celebrity game, but I think this may be an exception to the rule.  They did a lot to harm their standing in the game those first two days, so the British public may just see them as ugly Americans.  If the UK fans do take a liking to Pratt and Montag, then Paula Hamilton will surely be gone as a compromise choice.  London has a better chance of seeing a 90 degree (Farhenheit) day will CBB is on than they do of seeing Frankie Dettori leaving in this opening vote.


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