Janelle: The Survivor?

Since the dawn of the Big Brother series in 2000, the question has no doubt been asked by at least one series fan: can a Big Brother houseguest make it on the Cadillac of CBS reality shows, Survivor?

There seems to be a movement afoot to get three-time Big Brother participant Janelle Pierzina onto a Survivor season in the near future, with a Facebook page all set up for some campaigning on the idea. It would be a first for both shows, although four Survivor players were temporary houseguests on Big Brother 2 back in 2001.

Will it happen?  I’m more likely to think that it won’t happen as opposed to it happening, regardless of who the houseguest could be.  I imagine that having Janelle on the fall 2013 Survivor would be an excellent crossover for the upcoming Big Brother 15 in the summer of next year.  But Survivor likes to go in other directions when they get extraordinary players for their series.  Look as this season with Lisa Whelchel and former baseball player Jeff Kent.  Two diametric opposites, or so we think.

We saw Big Brother 14 go after high-profile first-time houseguests with the hiring of former Playboy playmate Kara Monaco.  The better question, if you ask me, is: will Allison Grodner and crew continue to bring known names outside of the series into the game in 2013?


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