Nothing Business, Just Personal

Big Brother hostess Julie Chen holds up Frank Eudy’s key, revealing his vote for Ian Terry to win the season. That was the fourth vote for Ian to win, giving him the $500,000.  Shane Meaney and Britney Haynes are in the background.

The fourteenth season of Big Brother came to a close with one of the best finales in show history. In a mild upset, Ian Terry outlasted Dan Gheesling to win the jury vote 6-1 and becomes the youngest winner of the series at exactly 21 years and 6 months of age.

Danielle Murphree was the last evicted, finishing in third place after Ian won the final Head Of Household competition, getting a perfect score in the traditional “finish what this juror said” contest over Dan. Many thought Dan would win this competition hands down, and that Ian would have to play the contest perfectly, exactly what wound up happening.

The debate and jury examination as to who should be the season winner led to spirited debate between Dan and Ian, with both houseguests interrupting the other at points. It resembled a Saturday Night Live sketch at points, if NBC ever wanted to parody the series.

After Ian’s win, the America’s Favorite vote was revealed, and the $25,000 went to Frank Eudy.

For me, the game produced two winners: Ian for his “coming of age” style of play, Dan just to get to the final two once more, something no other Big Brother player has ever been able to do upon their return to the game. I thought Ian might win if it came down to he and Dan, but no way did I think the vote would be a one-sided 6-1 affair.

The jury took what Dan did to them during the length of the game personally, and did not pick the best player in my opinion. Dan played so well that it made the jurors jealous, if you ask me. But just as there are no rules that say any contestants on this show have to play ethically, there are no rules that say a jury has to deliberate and vote ethically, either. It works both ways, and Dan forgot that.

It was the best season in a long time, definitely the best season in the Allison Grodner era (season eight to now).

Over the weekend, thoughts about what I learned watching this season.


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