By The Numbers: Finale Night

September 30, 2000: the very first Finale Night. Julie Chen interviews the first winner, Eddie McGee. Eddie’s still the youngest winner in show history, but that could change tonight if Ian Terry wins.

Whoever Wins HOH Tonight Ties Records (If it’s Dan or Ian): If Dan Gheesling wins the Head of Household competition tonight, he becomes the first previous winner to become a finalist a second time, and could also (of course) become the first repeat winner in show history if he wins tonight. He’d also become the second houseguest in show history to be vetoed every time he was nominated, and not leave the house by other means (expulsion or exit). Drew Daniel won BB5 the same way, nominated once, vetoed once by Diane Henry. Dan’s been nominated twice and vetoed twice so far.

If Ian wins HOH tonight, he ties the record for most HOH’s in one season with four. This would tie him with Rachel Reilly in season thirteen, Hayden Moss in season twelve, Janelle Pierzina in season seven, and Drew Daniel in season five.  Only Janelle failed to win her season amongst that list.

If Danielle Wins: Should Danielle Murphree win the season tonight, she becomes the second youngest woman to do so. Only Jordan Lloyd in season eleven was younger, two months shy of turning 23. Danielle is a few days shy presently of 23 years and five months old.

If Ian Wins: Ian Terry would be the first BB winner in show history born in the 1990’s decade. He’d also be the youngest winner in show history at 21 years and 6 months old exactly.  Eddie McGee was 21 years, 7 months and change old when he won season one. Ian’s also the youngest man to win Head Of Household in show history, having done that at least three times, possibly four tonight, with only Daniele Donato being the youngest HOH overall, winning twice in season eight at age 20.

Counting The Days: Dan has now been in the Big Brother house a combined 146 days, and is the first player to make two finale nights in show history.  The 146 days places him 4th on the list for most days spent all-time in the house, behind Janelle Pierzina at 177, Mike “Boogie” Malin’s 153, and Dr. Will Kirby at 147.  Britney Haynes moved into 10th place on the all-time days list at 122.

If Danielle Finishes Second: That would mean nine men and five women have won a season, and five men and nine women have been runner-up. It would also mean three runner-up.  It would also mean that she would be the third runner-up either named Danielle or Danielle, along with Danielle Reyes in season three and Daniele Donato in season eight.

Enjoy the show tonight.


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