Three Days To Payday

The last few days in the Big Brother house have been somewhat uneventful. When the most exciting thing to happen is a brush fire flickering the power on and off from six miles away, it’s not all that exciting.

We now have a winner to part two of the three part Head Of Household competition.

And the winner was Ian Terry, meaning Dan Gheesling and Ian will meet Wednesday night and one of those two will be the last HOH. We’ll see a record set either way, though. If Ian wins, he’s HOH a fourth time, tying the record set by four others, three of those having won their season.

If Dan should win, he adds to his list of accomplishments in season fourteen. He becomes the first two-time finalist on top of being the first player to make it to two Finale Night shows. He would also become the first player in show history never to be in the eviction hot seat over the course of the season, having been nominated twice and vetoed twice.

Usually, I have a good idea who’s going to win. This year, I have no stinking clue. I’m hoping for a 4-3 vote with Ian beating Dan, maybe Shane Meaney being the deciding vote for Mr. Terry in an ironic twist of fate. That way, two champions are produced instead of one. Ian for winning, Dan for all of his accomplishments just to get to that point, with the moral message that you shouldn’t be so ruthless to your foes as Dan was to Shane last Thursday.

However, the logical way it will go down is Dan, being the master social game player, wins HOH, and boots out Ian. A Dan-Danielle Murphree final pretty much assures that Dan would win, since I find it highly unlikely Danielle would be considered championship material.

Danielle Murphree, a Big Brother champion? It boggles my mind just thinking it.


2 thoughts on “Three Days To Payday

  1. Wouldn’t that be great for Shane to be the deciding vote for Ian’s win? A pretty great case can be made for Dan to win the $. After all, BB is just a game. Some of the duplicity that goes on can be written off as strategy. But Dan’s behavior this season that of a malignant narcissist. This coach and teacher displays serious entitlement issues. Is bad sportsmanship fine just because the prize is so big?

    1. I think he had to change his behavior to keep the other houseguests off balance, I just could have done with a bit less ruthless aggression.

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