That Really Did Happen

Danielle Murphree reacts in horror as Dan Gheesling makes a stunning move to evict her long time friend Shane Meaney.

We all know by now what’s happened on last night’s live show. The move we all thought Dan Gheesling was going to make was made, and Danielle Murphree wasn’t very happy about it.  But there’s one piece of business that happened last night that is yet to be known.

Last night, the final Head Of Household competition began. It is played in three parts, since it’s the last one. The winner of the first part advances directly to the final played on the last night, Wednesday. The two losers in part one battle for the final spot in part two. The part one and part two winners square off on the final night to decide the last Head of Household. The winner goes into the final two, and evicts the person he or she does not want to be opposing for the $500,000 payoff, deciding amongst the last seven to leave the house.

The first HOH part is usually an endurance test, and this year was no different, as the houseguests basically played the role of fish, having to stay on their rope the longest in order to win. Ian Terry lost his balance and fell about 35 minutes or so in, leaving Dan and Danielle left to determine the winner, oddly enough.

With Ian excusing himself at Dan’s request, a deal was cut so that Dan could win part one. Yet again, even after Shane Meaney had been dealt with the way he was, Danielle was willing to play right into Dan’s hands.

I hear a lot of people saying this morning that Dan Gheesling played dirty, as Shane Meaney suggested in his interview with Julie Chen after his eviction. Dirty, yes.  Legal?  Also, yes.  Dan can safely anoint himself the best Big Brother player of all time now.  He made the moves that everyone else allowed him to make by their errors.  Frank Eudy should have executed Dan when he had that chance in the final eight.  And Danielle simply should have left the nominees as they were.  Instead, she made the biggest error in show history, and a great player took advantage of that error.

More news on the final three and the HOH competition as it becomes available.


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