Blindside Of The Century?

So here’s what has happened in the past day or two as Day 69 begins:

Danielle Murphree, as she did when she won Head Of Household in week four, consolidated her power by winning the all-important final Power Of Veto. Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling are on the block, leaving Shane to cast the sole eviction vote should stay the same.

At this point in time, though, Danielle is not thinking about keeping it simple.  Believe it or not,  the thinking as of last night is that she wants to veto Dan’s nomination, and force Dan to vote to evict Ian Terry. That move would put Shane Meaney, Danielle’s long time in-house playing partner at risk. And the speculation is that Gheesling would evict Shane, not Ian, in a total blindside move.

Moments like these (or the potential of such moments) is what makes Big Brother the great show that it is, although I think CBS keeps it down the pecking order a bit. If you have Survivor, and you have a show that is because Survivor in the confines of a house, it’s logical to assume that the show that’s a copy of the bigger show is never going to be the big show. If Danielle pulls off this move, it’s the largest blunder in show history, a title that would no longer be held by Marcellas Reynolds in season three for not vetoing off himself in the final five stage.

It’s also a move if, played right, gets Dan a lot closer to his second $500,000 and the anointment of being the greatest Big Brother player of all time. Personally, I think just making it to the final three, something no Big Brother winner has ever done is his or her eturn visit, answers that question. The blindsiding of Shane would be an extra cherry on that sundae.

Tonight will be interesting, that’s for sure.


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