Blackout This!

So most of us are in the middle of a 30 hour live feed blackout, as the game gets reduced from five to three these next two days. However, there is no informational blackout, so what occurs tomorrow on the CBS show has already taken place.

Spoilers to follow.

Miss Cleo (God bless her) is reporting on her Twitter page that Jenn Arroyo was evicted tonight by a 2-0 vote. She finishes in fifth place after 67 days in the house.

The next to last Head of Household came down to a tiebreaker between Danielle Murphree and Dan Gheesling, with Murphee winning HOH a 2nd time.

If you’re an Ian fan, it’s pretty simple. He has to win Power Of Veto in the final four round, or he’s going home, since Danielle is no doubted poised and ready to nominate him. If he wins, Ian is the deciding vote between Dan and Shane Meaney, and he no doubt chooses Dan in that instance unless Dan pulls another Harry Houdini act from his bag of tricks.

I see no way that Shane goes home in the final four, unless something bizarre happens, and with Danielle in the house, the bizarre very well may happen.


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