Up To Speed

So let’s get up to speed on what happened yesterday in Big Brother. It was Day 64, but Shane Meaney and Jenn Arroyo are now each under the gun, having been nominated by Head of Household Ian Terry.

In a must win situation (although you can say that about any competition from here on out), Shane took the Power Of Veto competition on Saturday, his fourth POV win this season. If he wins the last POV this week in the final four stage, he ties the record for the most POV wins in a season with five, held by Janelle Pierzina and Daniele Donato.

The only other event of note was Jenn eating something Saturday night that appeared not to be the slop she’s forced to eat as long as she stays in the house, or any of the other replacement food. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with Jenn’s cheat eating if they hadn’t punished another Jen, Jen Johnson, for doing so in season eight after one of her many verbal and somewhat phyiscal scraps with “Evel” Dick Donato. If you’re going to have rules, enforce them, or don’t enforce them, but at least be consistent about it.

Shane will no doubt veto himself off come either today or Sunday, leaving Ian to choose either Dan Gheesling or Danielle Murphree as a replacement nominee. The eviction will take place sometime Tuesday, and it’s expected the live feeds will be down for a considerable time. (Not a bad idea or bad day to do that, considering that Tuesday is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.) An accelerated round takes place to get the final four down to three Wednesday and Thursday, and then the final three will all make it to the final day of the season, September 19th.


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