The Final Friday Noms

It’s now the 63rd day of season fourteen of Big Brother, and after the double eviction that sent Frank Eudy and Joe Arvin home, the game is now reduced to five houseguests. In just twelve short days, one of those five will be $500,000, with one houseguest still alive to win his second season, an unprecedented feat in series history.

Early Friday morning, Ian Terry once again took the Head Of Household crown for the third straight time he was eligible to do so. He punches his ticket to the final four and joined Hardy Hill (S2), Drew Daniel (S5), Mike “Boogie” Malin (S7), Dan Gheesling (S10) and Hayden Moss (S12) as the sixth houseguest to win three HOHs in five stages or less, with Drew and Hayden only needing four stages to get their quick three crowns. All but Hardy won their respective seasons.

Ian then got yet another Pandora’s Box opportunity. He got video greetings from the soon to be married Rachel Reilly, last year’s season champ, while the other four houseguests got greetings from friends and family. Sure to be a heartwarming touch when the show airs Sunday.

Then it was time for the last Friday night nomination ceremony of the season. Dan and Danielle Murphree each got their keys back, meaning Jenn Arroyo and Shane Meaney are on the block once again. It’s Jenn’s third nomination and Shane’s second.

But here’s the thing: with so few players left, if Dan or Danielle wins the Power Of Veto tomorrow and decides to use it, the other non-nominee automatically goes up as a replacement. So it’s possible that Dan or even the unpredictable Danielle could get a little crafty as this final five stage roars on. Jenn looks like the one who could be gone at this point, but anything can happen and usually does in this game.


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