Dan The Action Man

You gotta love these double eviction shows. The mundane pace you normally see during the week is replaced with an all out sprint which creates the need for lightning fast decisions, and it creates an atmosphere of hysteria amongst them, the viewers, and the crowd surrounding hostess Julie Chen. It’s like watching a football game immediately going to sudden death overtime.

So here’s what happened: the final seven round concluded with Frank Eudy being evicted 3 votes to 1, with Jenn Arroyo the only vote to save him. The vote didn’t sit well with Frank, as he wanted Dan Gheesling to keep his word to vote out Joe Arvin. What Frank doesn’t know is that had the vote been 2-2, Ian probably votes Frank out anyway, so it doesn’t change anything in the long term.

Gheesling, as was the case in season ten when he won the big prize, has come alive as a competitor. We goes on to win Head of Househould after he, Jenn, and Danielle Murphree ended their quiz in a three-way tie, with Dan getting the tiebreaker question the closest. Dan chose to nominate Ian Terry and Joe Arvin. Ian then won the veto competition to punch his ticket to the final five.

In a stunning move, Dan’s ally Danielle went up after Ian took himself off the block, putting her at risk against Joe. But Murphree need not have worried, as Joe was the unanimous choice to go home in sixth place, 3-0. Joe was the first houseguest not to get a vote to stay in season fourteen, and became the first houseguest to win and lose and eviction vote in the same night.

And the fun is just beginning, as a champion will be crowned in 13 short days. It seems Dan did a lot of damage to his ability to win a second season, but if anyone can pull a rabbit out of his hat, it’s got to be Mr. Gheesling. Don’t count him out until you see him walk out the doors.



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