By The Numbers

Britney Haynes, the latest Big Brother houseguest to serve on two juries.

The Boxcar Club: Barring anything unforeseen tomorrow, Dan Gheesling will become the 7th houseguest in Big Brother history to make the final six in two different seasons, and only the second to do so without being in season seven.  The other six are Danielle Reyes (S3/S7), George Boswell (S1/S7), Dr. Will Kirby (S2/S7), Janelle Pierzina (S6/S7), Erika Landin (S4/S7), and Jordan Lloyd (S11/S13).

Double Jury Duty: Britney Haynes recently become only the sixth houseguest to serve on two different juries for finshing between 3rd and 9th. The only other five are Howie Gordon (S6/S7), James Rhine (S6/S7), Janelle Pierzina (S6/S7), Brendon Villegas (S12/S13), and Jeff Schroeder (S11/S13).

One Good Turn: Jenn Arroyo and Dan Gheesling became the first pair of houseguests to veto each other off the block in back to back weeks. Jenn saved Dan in the week of the final eight, now Dan saved Jenn in the week of the final seven. Trading saves had only happened in a season once before, when Drew Daniel and Diane Henry traded saves in season five.

Replacement Roulette: Joe Arvin tied the record for most times on the block as a replacement nominee in a season with three on Monday, tying with season eleven winner Jordan Lloyd. If he survives eviction Thursday, he joins Jordan and Sharon Obermuller (S9) as the third houseguest in show history to be a replacement nominee twice in a row and survive each time.

Six Way Tie At Six: Frank Eudy tied the record for most nominations this week when Ian Terry put him on the block for a sixth time overall this season. Curtis Kin (S1), Amy Crews (S3), Janelle Pierzina (S6), Erika Landin (S7), and Sharon Obermuller (S9) were the previous holders of the mark. If Frank is evicted on Thursday, it’ll be the quickest eviction of a six-time nominee at 62 days, breaking Amy’s record of a combined 63 in 2002.

Clean Sheet: Ian Terry will be the 10th houseguest in show history to not be nominated before reaching the final six. Of those ten, only Drew Daniel went on to win his season, season five, and he was not nominated until the final five. In fact, if someone’s nominated for the first time in the final six, it’s usually a bad sign. Beau Beasley (S6), Jessica Hughbanks (S8), and Bryan Ollie (S10) all went home in sixth after going on the block initially. Only Kevin Campbell (S11) survived his first trip on the block in the final six before finishing third.

The previous nine were: Bill “Bunky” Miller (S2, first nominated in the final five, evicted that week), Hardy Hill (S2, nominated in the final four, evicted that week), Jason Guy (S3, first nominated by default in the final three, evicted that night), Danielle Reyes (S3, nominated in the final three by default, lost in the finals to Lisa Donahue), Drew (S5, nominated in the final five, won), and the afore mentioned Beau, Jessica, Ollie, and Kevin.


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