Dead Man Walking?

Happy Labor Day, everybody. Today was the weekly Power Of Veto decision day…

…and Dan Gheesling used his veto powers to remove Jenn Arroyo from the threat of eviction. Head of Household Ian Terry then had to name a replacement nominee, and once again chose Joe Arvin as his replacement, as he did during the first double eviction episode 11 days ago in the final nine round. While Joe doesn’t appear to be the target at this point, he didn’t take kindly to being on the block or Dan’s speech, calling Dan a “piece of shit” as he walked by after the POV ceremony.

So Frank Eudy and Joe are on the block, and unlike at this point during week three, there is no reset button. One of these two will be out in 7th place.

A couple of thoughts: Frank looks like he’s going home this time around, and he’s done a great job staying in the game up until now. As Dan got a miracle save last week, don’t underestimate the possibility of Joe doing or saying something to turn in-house opinion against him. The odds appear long now, but for Joe to go, he has to get three votes against him. It would seem Jenn would be one. I also wouldn’t count out the idea of the four voters (Shane Meaney, Danielle Murphee, Dan, and Jenn) working it out so that the vote goes 2-2 with Ian breaking the tie as HOH to make Ian look ripe for the picking in a subsequent round.

I do have a sneaking suspicion, a hunch if you will, that something crazy may go down Thursday night. It’s been such an unconventional year in terms of strategy and the double eviction nights have a high degree of randomness to it that I wouldn’t shock me to see a Dan, Ian, or Shane go next. And that would throw the race to 500K wide open.


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