Punching It In

The veto competition sounded like a rough and tumble affair, but a winner was found…

…and Dan Gheesling picked a great time to get in the win column. He wins his first competition on the first day of September, which also happens to be his birthday, this year being his 29th. He is now the Power Of Veto holder, and celebrated to the cameras when the live feeds came back. He held his veto and told the live feed watchers that the veto would be Frank Eudy’s ticket home.

Right now (and remember this could change as Dan and Head Of Household Ian Terry refine their plans) the plan is for Dan to return the favor Jenn Arroyo gave him last week and remove her from the block as she did him last Monday. Joe Arvin would be the replacement nominee. With only Shane Meaney, Danielle Murphee, Jenn, and Dan as the electorate, Frank would likely go home, either 3-1 or 3-2 with Dan voting either way, and Ian casting the tie breaking vote if Dan votes to evict Joe to create the tie.

Once again, September has fallen and Dan Gheesling is in command of a Big Brother season. Come the 19th, he might be partying like it’s 2008.


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